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Unofficial Central District Honor Band Audition Results

posted Jan 15, 2018, 8:24 AM by Athens Drive High School Band
I am thrilled to announce that we had one of the strongest showings at our Central District Honor Band Auditions in the past 25 years!  (In fact, I can only recall one year that may have been stronger.)  This is a credit to YOU as students for your hard work, trust, and love of your art; your PARENTS for their incredible support, and our VISITING TEACHERS for their skills and love of working with each and every one of you!   

The results and scores listed below are unofficial for a few days, after which they will become official and made public.  I would also like to acknowledge all the students who auditioned and may have fallen short of the mark; I am so proud of all of you for at least trying!  You can only get better when you DO SOMETHING!  Bravo!  If you want it strongly enough and have the baseline talent, you'll make it!  Remember, sometimes you win, sometimes you learn!  

All scores out of 200 possible points.

9-10 Wind Ensemble
  • Brennan Robbins  FLUTE  10th chair  168 score
  • Anna Vtipil CLARINET 11th chair 154 score
  • Ashwath Kapilavai CLARINET 18th chair 137 score
  • Cooper Sykes ALTO SAX  2nd chair 195 score ALL-STATE ELIGIBLE!!!
  • Will Wakeford ALTO SAX 3rd chair 192 score
  • Gavin Foley TENOR SAX 1st chair 178.5 score ALL-STATE ELIGIBLE!!! HIGHEST IN THE DISTRICT!!!
  • Ian Chang TRUMPET 5th chair 153 score ALL-STATE ELIGIBLE!!!
  • Ana Altman TRUMPET 11th chair 133 score
  • Derek Geiger HORN 7th chair 113 score
  • Wesley Major TUBA 4th chair 164 score
  • Parker Dingman SNARE DRUM 3rd chair 143 score

11-12 Wind Ensemble
  • Kaylin McClafferty OBOE 2nd chair 179 score ALL-STATE ELIGIBLE!!!
  • Bryan Benson BASSOON 1st chair 179 score ALL-STATE ELIGIBLE!!!  HIGHEST IN THE DISTRICT!!!
  • Danielle Puccio CLARINET 7th chair 169.5 score 
  • Brian Suh TRUMPET 1st chair 172 score ALL-STATE ELIGIBLE!!!  HIGHEST IN THE DISTRICT!!!
  • Tyrone Williamson TRUMPET 9th chair 149 score 
  • Ben Wakeford SNARE DRUM 2nd chair 160.5 score ALL-STATE ELIGIBLE!!!

17 of our students made the honor bands!  7 of our students are eligible for All-State Band!  3 of our students placed highest in the district!!!  OMG!!!  What an honor!!!  Woo-hoo!!!  As I've stated countless times this year, I KNOW HOW GOOD OUR BAND IS!!!  WHAT A WAY TO REPRESENT ATHENS DRIVE HIGH SCHOOL!

I'll send you details of the upcoming clinic at UNC-Chapel Hill on Jan. 26-27 very soon.  
Congratulations!   I am so proud of all of you!!!