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Time To Upgrade Your Instrument?

posted Nov 22, 2019, 5:42 AM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Nov 22, 2019, 5:42 AM ]
To:  Band members and families

RE:  Upgrading your instrument

This past Tuesday, Nov. 19th a representative from Music & Arts brought out a number of professional model instruments for our students to play.  Many of our students had an “eye-opening” experience realizing how well these instruments sounded and how much easier they were to play!  In addition, the students were able to play with greater volume contrast (hence more expression), a wider range (high and low notes were easier to reach) and more in-tune.

If your son or daughter is still playing on the instrument that they started on, it is definitely time to think about getting them an instrument that will take through their remaining years of high school and beyond.  About half of our graduating students continue to play in college, either in marching band or a concert ensemble!

Many of our older students who own more professional instruments play these instruments in our concert ensembles and use their older instrument for marching band.  A professional instrument will often resell for a price close to the purchase price.  In other words, the depreciation is often not significant if the instrument is properly maintained.

On Saturday, Dec. 7th, Music & Arts in Crossroads is hosting their annual “Horns of Plenty.”  There will be hundreds of instruments available for students to try and many representatives available to answer questions.  In addition, you’ll find the best deals of the year and financing is available.  The event runs from 10:00am-6:00pm.  Our Apex Christmas Parade will require us to be at Athens at 1:30pm, so you still have the entire morning to shop!

Please understand that while I do endorse the efforts of Music & Arts, you are welcome to shop at any music store.  The problems with purchasing a professional instrument online however are several and include the following:  1) the exact same model of instruments are likely to play a bit differently—you want to find YOUR instrument; (seriously—note the serial number!) 2) once you work-in the instrument, Music & Arts will replace it if a glitch develops (in materials, intonation, key action).

Two quick testimonials:  I purchased my son’s clarinet from Music & Arts and within 3 months the wood cracked.  We returned the instrument and received a new one at no extra cost.  I had a student who purchased a tenor sax and after a few weeks just could not get it absolutely in-tune.  He returned it and received another at no extra cost.  We do quite a bit of business with this company and they will treat you well.

So… maybe Santa will consider having a new instrument in his bag?  Because he’s magical, he can even get a tuba down a chimney!