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Raleigh Christmas Parade and Marching Band Banquet Logistics

posted Nov 16, 2017, 6:40 AM by Athens Drive High School Band

The purpose of this letter is to provide you with information concerning the Raleigh Christmas Parade and Marching Band Banquet this Saturday.  Upcoming events are also listed at the end of this letter. 


Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017

Report & Dress                                                                    8:15am

Group Photo in New Stadium                                           9:00am

Depart for downtown Raleigh (via activity busses)              9:45am

Arrive at parade site                                                            10:00am

Approx. “Step-Off” Time (we are last 1/3 of parade)      10:45am

Return to ADHS                                                                    11:45am

*Students may bring a change of clothes for the banquet and remain 

at school, or they may travel home to change.  

Banquet (in cafeteria)2:00-5:00pm

*Moved back 30 minutes due to late position in parade.

Group Photo:  Because we did not get the opportunity to have a formal group photo taken during any of our competitions, we wanted to schedule one before the season ends.  We will make this photo available to all!

The Raleigh Christmas Parade is a beautiful event, one that our band has marched in since our school was founded over 39 years ago.  The parade is one of the largest parades in the region with over 110 entries.  It is also well attended:  The students will have the opportunity to perform for more people than all our previous performances combined.  Furthermore, it is televised (ABC 11…set those recording gizmos!).  But most importantly, it is an opportunity for both band members and families to share another one of those “feel good” moments!  

The parade will begin on Hillsborough St. near St. Mary’s College and move east to the Capitol.  The parade will then trace part of the perimeter of the Capitol, turning south onto Salisbury and east onto Morgan.  At the front of the Capitol, the parade will turn south onto Fayetteville St. where it will continue to Davie.  The total length of the parade is about 1.4 miles. 

Our Marching Band Banquet allows us to formally close a wonderful season.  The banquet is “pot-luck;” families should review instructions (posted online) concerning what to bring.  Dress for the banquet is semi-casual; please look nice because ALL of you will be receiving recognition! 

Other News:

Winter Guard & Indoor Percussion are holding orientation rehearsals for interested students.  Be sure to get on board if you are interested as membership in these outstanding groups will be close in just a few weeks!

All Fruit/Nut Orders are due at the banquet!!!

Upcoming Events:

11/28    Outback Rehearsal                                                                               3:00-5:30pm

12/2*    Rose Parade Audition Rehearsal/Recording                                         Noon-3pm

            Apex Christmas Parade                                                                         3:00-7:00pm (parade begins at 5:00pm)

12/5     Outback Rehearsal                                                                                 3:00-5:30pm

12/9*    Rose Parade Audition Rehearsal/Recording                                         10:00am-Noon (if necessary)

             Cary Christmas Parade                                                                         Noon-4:00pm (parade begins at 2:00pm)

12/12    Outback Rehearsal                                                                                3:00-5:30pm

12/14    Holiday Concert(Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble)    7pm

12/18    Outback Rehearsal                                                                                3:00-5:00pm

             Dinner (provided by boosters)                                                                5:00-6:30pm

             Send-off Performance                                                                            7:00pm (old stadium)

12/28-1/2Outback Experience!

*We will be sending home information concerning the Rose Parade Rehearsal/Recording sessions under separate cover. We have learned that we need to submit special movement/camera angles of the band that cannot be gathered in any way other than in a special recording session.  Thank you for your flexibility in managing to accommodate this request!

Hope to see you along the parade route cheering on our wonderful band!