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Pinecrest High School Competition Logistics for this Saturday

posted Sep 19, 2016, 9:02 AM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Sep 19, 2016, 9:02 AM ]
Dear marching band member and parent,
The purpose of this letter is to provide you with information concerning the Pinecrest H.S. Competition this Saturday.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Report to Athens                                                    Noon
Rehearsal                                                              12:15pm
Return to bandroom; prepare for departure            2:00pm
Inspection in senior lot                                        3:15pm
Depart for PHS (via activity bus)                            3:30pm
Arrive PHS, orientation and warm-up                     5:00pm
PERFORMANCE                                                    6:50pm
Awards Ceremony                                                   8:30pm
Change and eat dinner (provided)                           9:30pm
Depart PHS                                                             10:15pm
Arrive Athens Drive                                               11:45pm

Important Competition Day Logistics
  1. Students must remain on campus between our rehearsal and inspection; there will not be enough time for students to safely leave campus.   
  2. The students will be wearing their uniform shoes, black socks, bibs and their blue show tee shirt for the bus ride to Pinecrest H.S.  By wearing the bibs, we do not have to rely on the changing facilities before we perform.  (Changing facilities often operate on strict schedules that can cause warm-ups, etc. to be rushed…)  If possible, students are encouraged to wear a light-type of shorts under the uniform so they may change out of the uniform on the charter busses.  Changing facilities will be available, however, at the conclusion of the competition.
  3. Bring something healthy to eat and drink as a snack before our show.  Choose your food wisely; a light, nutritious meal is best.  
  4. Remember to bring a comfortable change of clothes for the bus ride home (your choice).  
  5. Our boosters will provide a meal for the students’ ride back to Raleigh.
  6. The arrival time (11:45pm) is our best guess.  We are usually accurate (within the ½ hour); however, due to the multitude of variables that surround events such as this and the number of students involved, adjustments may have to be made. The safety/well-being of the students is our primary concern.  We’ll get word to you (via cell-phone/REMIND system) if we run ahead or behind schedule more than ½ hour.
  7. We enthusiastically invite all parents, family, and friends to travel to Southern Pines to enjoy our performance and route on our band! YOUR PRESENCE MAKES A DIFFERENCE!  The trip is reasonable with respect to time (just over an hour) and Southern Pines/Pinehurst is a beautiful area - especially to golfers☺.
  8. If you are planning to attend the show and would like to drive your child home, please submit a written request.  In general, I like to keep the students together throughout the entire event; however, I will trust your judgment if you feel it absolutely necessary for your child to be home earlier.

I truly prefer to think of these events as “Band Shows” rather than competitions.  As you can imagine, judging “art” is very subjective—so subjective that the very act of doing it is highly questionable.  I always teach the students that by doing their best everyday, they will set themselves up to perform at their highest potential in these types of events.  Provided they do this, they will always be winners!   It is vital to remember that “deep-down,” we compete against ourselves, not against others.  That said, we do use the feedback that we receive and the adrenaline rush that comes naturally with performance and competition to grow as musicians, teammates, and individuals.
Thank you for all that you have done to make this season so wonderful.  Hope to see you at Pinecrest H.S. routing for our band!


The Pinecrest HS Show begins at 2:45pm; our “class” begins at 5:50pm and extends through 7:45pm followed by awards.  A full schedule is available from the band office.