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Logistics for After School Marching Rehearsals

posted Aug 20, 2019, 6:02 PM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Aug 20, 2019, 6:02 PM ]

August 19, 2019

Dear marching band student and parent,

The purpose of this letter is to provide an overview of logistics involved with after-school rehearsals which will begin next Tuesday, August 27.

1) Plan ahead!  Bring a comfortable change of clothes to school, including socks and tennis shoes.  Rehearsals in August and September tend to be warm, so dress accordingly.  Remember to wear light colored clothes and a HAT (although keep it hidden during the school day).  No matter what the forecast, assume that we will be rehearsing outside.

2) Drink/Eat wisely!  Drink plenty of water throughout the school day and after school (you can carry your water bottle around).  Avoid soda/junk snacks and be sure to eat lunch.  We will be providing students with snacks in the band hall immediately after school.  The goal is to provide protein and carbs so you will have energy to burn.  Students will be provided with plenty of water throughout the rehearsal.  Students who drink and eat well throughout the day and dress appropriately for the heat usually do not have a problem.  Parent chaperones are in attendance at every after-school rehearsal to provide added assistance.

3) Store all book bags, etc. in the band room after school; do not leave such items in the hallway.  While we are rehearsing outside, the band room will either be used by the percussion or it will be locked.  Students should take purses or other valuable personal items to the practice field.

4) Be on time!  After-school rehearsals will start promptly at 3:00pm, usually on our practice field.  If the weather is threatening or inclement, we will meet in the band room.  Students are encouraged to use the time between 2:18 (end of school) and 3:00 to change clothes, grab a snack, check-off music, and visit with other teachers as necessary.

5) Practice will end on time, usually at the practice field.  Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals will end at 5:30pm; Wednesday rehearsals will end at 5:00pm.  Many parents meet their child(ren) at the field and drive them back up to school to retrieve their book bags, etc.  Our practice field is adjacent to the stadium parking lot at the bottom of stadium drive.

6) Marching rehearsals take priority over all other school activities.  If you are part of a group/club which meets after school, you may attend any meeting until 2:50pm at which time you are to come to marching rehearsal.  Please inform your teacher/advisor that you are in the marching band; they will respect your sense of commitment.  Clubs which meet after school on Monday or Friday are usually not a problem.  Regular marching rehearsals end the first week of November.  If you anticipate a serious conflict, please see the band director.

7) All after-school rehearsals are mandatory.  If a student is absent from school or leaves school early, a courtesy email or call to the band office would be appreciated.  The director reserves the right to withhold a student from performing if material is not learned and/or attendance is poor.  Also, it is expected that if a student is well enough to come to school, he/she is well enough to march.  If this is not the case, a note must be presented from a parent or a doctor.

8) Sectionals.  Student leaders may call after-school sectionals (usually on Mondays or Fridays) to address specific issues or polish music/movement.  Although these sectionals carry less weight than a scheduled full-band rehearsal, students are expected to do their best to honor the request.  If a student cannot attend a sectional due to a previous commitment, job, or large homework load, please provide a note to the band director.  We have asked our section leaders to be considerate with regard to providing advance notice (usually a week if possible), specifying beginning and ending times, and using sectional time wisely.  It is the responsibility of the student leader to arrange for a parent chaperone or staff member to be on site.

We are off to a terrific start!  We have had a very productive summer, we’ve got 127 wonderful members, and we’ve got a GREAT SHOW!  Your courtesy in following the aforementioned guidelines will ensure that we will enjoy a productive and rewarding season.