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Info regarding upcoming Concerts and State Band Festival

posted Mar 3, 2017, 7:17 AM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Mar 3, 2017, 7:20 AM ]
The purpose of this letter is to remind everyone of the upcoming dress rehearsals and Festival Concerts, and to provide information about our adjudicated State Festival Performance for our Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band.  

Wednesday, March 8
7:00-9:00pm                Jazz Ensemble Dress Rehearsal

Thursday, March 9 (Festival Concert I)
6:45pm                        Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble reports to ADHS
                                    Concert Band warms up in band room; Jazz Ensemble warms up in chorus room.
7:30pm                        Concert begins
                                        - Dillard Drive M.S.
                                        - Concert Band
                                        - Jazz Ensemble

Thursday, March 16 (Festival Concert II)
6:45pm                        Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble reports to ADHS
                                    Symphonic Band warms up in band room; Wind Ensemble warms up in chorus room and cafeteria.
7:30pm                        Concert begins
                                        - Symphonic Band  
                                        - Wind Ensemble

***Both Festival Concerts are FREE with refreshments served at their conclusion (approx. 9:30pm). We have cancelled the dress rehearsals previously scheduled for the concert groups

Wednesday, March 22 (State Festival-Wind Ensemble at Apex Friendship) 
5:30pm                            Report to ADHS in Concert Dress
                                        Gather instruments/music/equipment
                                        Load equipment truck
5:45pm                            Group meeting; load bus
6:00pm                            Depart Athens
6:30pm                            Arrive AFHS
                                            - orientation
                                            - warmup
7:40pm                            Performance

9:00pm                            Load busses; receive ratings
9:15pm                            Depart AFHS
9:45pm                            Arrive ADHS

Thursday, March 23 (State Festival-Symphonic Band at Apex Friendship) 
11:00am                          Change into concert attire
                                        Load equipment truck
11:45pm                           Group meeting; load bus
Noon                                Depart Athens
12:30pm                           Arrive AFHS
                                            - orientation
                                            - warmup
1:35pm                            Performance
2:30pm                            Load busses; receive ratings
2:45pm                            Depart AFHS
3:15pm                            Arrive ADHS

*** Symphonic Band students will only miss their 4th period on the day of Festival.  This will be an EXCUSED absence as this event is an integral part of our curriculum.

For our State Festival Performances, please be sure to check your calendars carefully and make the necessary adjustments.
State Festival is our single most significant performance of the year (in terms of formal accreditation) as ratings are given and distributed throughout the state.
Parents are encouraged to attend our performances at Apex Friendship!  The Festival is open to the public and is FREE!

Your continued support means a great deal to the students—and me!  We look forward to sharing some great music with you during the upcoming weeks!