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Class Band Schedules

posted Aug 12, 2017, 11:57 AM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Aug 12, 2017, 11:57 AM ]

Listed below is the band schedule for the 2017-18 school year, as I understand it:


2nd period block – Symphonic Band

3rd period block – Wind Ensemble

4th period block – Concert Band


1st period block – Wind Ensemble

3rd period block – Concert Band

4th period block – Symphonic Band

A few facts:

  1. The schedule is built by our administrative team and is analogous to a giant puzzle.  I know that they do their very best in trying to accommodate as many students as possible.
  2. Please be politely proactive in approaching counselors to adjust schedules.   It has been my experience that most schedules can be changed to accommodate a band class.  It is helpful if one of the parents is involved in this process.
  3. I am so grateful to all of our families for supporting this outstanding program!  If we did not maintain a vibrant, outstanding concert band program, our overall band would suffer in a significant manner!  Remember, the concert band program—as well as our Winterguard and Indooor Percussion ensembles—comprise the “core” of our overall program.  Like the inner tube of a tire, if these programs are not strong, the outer coating—the marching band—would significantly diminish in quality.
  4. We will always put 110% effort into all of our programs!  Our concert ensembles are among the finest in the nation!  Throughout each semester, our students receive training from many music professionals (including members of the NC Symphony), we perform the greatest works in our literature, and we teach the students extra-musical lessons such as character and leadership education!  Some courses teach students how to make a living, we teach students HOW TO LIVE!
  5. I realize that tough decisions often have to be made in order to keep students in the band.  After having taught 30 years and raising 2 children within our program I strongly believe in the following:
  1. Students should have a challenging schedule;however the schedule should be “balanced” allowing some breathing room. 
  2. Students do not have to take every AP course to be successful in life or get into a fine university.  Colleges like to see an extra-curricular “lifeline” as well as strong courses.
  3. Many courses offered in high school can be taken in college! 
  4. Once you finish High School Band, you’re done.  You can NEVER relive this experience.  This is why I love teaching HIGH SCHOOL BAND! It is a special culture that provides community, family, a sense of structure, etc.  It’s a bit like “Toyland” -once you’re done, you can never return again… (unless you become a band director!)
  1. In many circumstances, I will allow a student to take ANY BAND CLASS if their schedule does not allow them to take the one that is most suited for them.  I would rather them play in a band each semester than take a semester or two off.  And it has been my experience that students who do not take a band class really do not practice much outside of the experience.  And I lose that contact with them as well.

Finally, many counselors/teachers, etc. mean well when advising your child as to what classes to take; however, you must make the ultimate decisions.  When BAND is consistently chosen over other subjects, people get the message… and other course schedules can be changed.  It is a bit like the economy—if you stop shopping at a certain store, that store will either need to make a change or go out of business!

I thank you for protecting this very fine program!  It is a “jewel” in our school and I believe it is an integral part of what makes Athens Drive so special.  It is up to all of us to continue to make it shine!