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All-District Honor Band Auditionees 2020 - Deadline

posted Dec 9, 2019, 3:01 PM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Dec 9, 2019, 3:03 PM ]
Below is the list of students who will be auditioning for our District Honor Band on January 11th at Middle Creek High School.  Please let me know of any edits IMMEDIATELY as there is a very strict deadline for receipt of names. 

More information will follow...
Thank you!

9-10 Grade

Flute                Rishi Rau   9th
Oboe                Janie Hill  9th
Clarinet            Emma Cockman  10th
Clarinet            Hailey Nguyen  9th
Clarinet            Claire Siegel   9th
B. Clarinet        Will Gerken  10th
Alto Sax            Hailey Nguyen   9th
Alto Sax            Jade Williamson  10th
Tenor Sax        Hugh Bettini  10th
Tenor Sax        Thomas Thornton  10th
Trumpet            Emily Brockmole   10th
Snare Drum      Brady Bittner  10th

11-12 Grade

Flute                Brennan Robbins  11th
Clarinet            Daniel Carter  11th
Clarinet            Ashwath Kapilavai   11th
Alto Sax            Dan Michaud  11th
Alto Sax            Isabel Tabachow   11th
Alto Sax            Will Wakeford  11th
Tenor Sax         Drew King  11th
Trumpet            Ana Altman  11th
                        Ian Chang  12th
Horn                Derek Geiger  12th
Trombone        Kira Williams  11th
Baritone           Jackson Baird  11th
Tuba                Wesley Major  11th
Snare               Parker Dingman  12th