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posted Jan 2, 2018, 2:43 PM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Jan 2, 2018, 2:44 PM ]

What an adventure!!!  OMG!!! 

Think about it!  We WON the marching field show competition, WE WON the coveted parade competition, WE PERFORMED IN FRONT OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE (MILLIONS ELECTRONICALLY) throughout the world on the biggest stadium possible!  We showed the world that we are a superior music ensemble - both artistic and entertaining!  We can truly do it all! 

And it was all because of ALL OF US!  YOU the students, YOU the parents, YOU the staff!  All of us had to work 110% to make this possible, and WE DID IT!  

I extend my most sincere THANK YOU to all of you for your sacrifices, your trust, and your hard work to make this happen.  There are too many people to mention to be fair; however, I think we can all agree that SUZANNE PUCCIO (communication logistics), COREY BENSON (equipment logistics), and SHERRY SKINNER (uniforms and lights) deserve a very special bow!  God bless all of you - whether you chaperoned a student who was feeling poorly, sewed on a last minute button, moved our large props many, many times in and out of the semi, drove down to Tampa on little/no sleep, sacrificed many things so your child(ren) can participate in this incredible organization, THANK YOU!!!

We will CHERISH this experience for the rest of our lives!  NEW YEAR’S DAY will always be linked to this special memory.  Without reservation, it was the most awesome New Year’s I have ever experienced!  We were on such an adrenaline rush - and we were literally LIT at so many times!  The afterglow from this experience will last all of us a lifetime!  Although it is often stated, it is truly rare that “dreams really do come true.”   The imperfections of life have a way of letting us down. Throughout this season, this marching band had to endure many disappointing contest results - moments which caused us to shake our heads, revisit our beliefs, and work harder.  It challenged our beliefs - but we held tight to what we knew was right!  We have built our band on a foundation of superior musicianship, exemplary character, and genuine service.  Our music is as appealing to the professional musician as to the regular “Joe/Sally.”  We are the complete music program; and WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!

Finally, we must continue to GROW from this experience.  We have become a better band literally overnight!  We are seasoned - in matters both musically and non-musically.  In sum, we are READY FOR THE NEXT ADVENTURE!!!  

But first we must rest; we must let all the confetti settle and then with clear eyes, mind, and heart, plan the next venture.  The Rose Parade?  The San Antonio Illuminated Fiesta Parade (held in April)?  The London New Year’s Day Parade?   Who knows?  But I do know that we will keep growing, keep learning, and most of all keep loving life more and more.

Because isn’t that the reason for it all???



Athens Drive High School Band,
Jan 2, 2018, 2:43 PM