Raleigh Christmas Parade and Marching Band Banquet Logistics

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The purpose of this letter is to provide you with information concerning the Raleigh Christmas Parade and Marching Band Banquet this Saturday.  Upcoming events are also listed at the end of this letter. 


Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017

Report & Dress                                                                    8:15am

Group Photo in New Stadium                                           9:00am

Depart for downtown Raleigh (via activity busses)              9:45am

Arrive at parade site                                                            10:00am

Approx. “Step-Off” Time (we are last 1/3 of parade)      10:45am

Return to ADHS                                                                    11:45am

*Students may bring a change of clothes for the banquet and remain 

at school, or they may travel home to change.  

Banquet (in cafeteria)2:00-5:00pm

*Moved back 30 minutes due to late position in parade.

Group Photo:  Because we did not get the opportunity to have a formal group photo taken during any of our competitions, we wanted to schedule one before the season ends.  We will make this photo available to all!

The Raleigh Christmas Parade is a beautiful event, one that our band has marched in since our school was founded over 39 years ago.  The parade is one of the largest parades in the region with over 110 entries.  It is also well attended:  The students will have the opportunity to perform for more people than all our previous performances combined.  Furthermore, it is televised (ABC 11…set those recording gizmos!).  But most importantly, it is an opportunity for both band members and families to share another one of those “feel good” moments!  

The parade will begin on Hillsborough St. near St. Mary’s College and move east to the Capitol.  The parade will then trace part of the perimeter of the Capitol, turning south onto Salisbury and east onto Morgan.  At the front of the Capitol, the parade will turn south onto Fayetteville St. where it will continue to Davie.  The total length of the parade is about 1.4 miles. 

Our Marching Band Banquet allows us to formally close a wonderful season.  The banquet is “pot-luck;” families should review instructions (posted online) concerning what to bring.  Dress for the banquet is semi-casual; please look nice because ALL of you will be receiving recognition! 

Other News:

Winter Guard & Indoor Percussion are holding orientation rehearsals for interested students.  Be sure to get on board if you are interested as membership in these outstanding groups will be close in just a few weeks!

All Fruit/Nut Orders are due at the banquet!!!

Upcoming Events:

11/28    Outback Rehearsal                                                                               3:00-5:30pm

12/2*    Rose Parade Audition Rehearsal/Recording                                         Noon-3pm

            Apex Christmas Parade                                                                         3:00-7:00pm (parade begins at 5:00pm)

12/5     Outback Rehearsal                                                                                 3:00-5:30pm

12/9*    Rose Parade Audition Rehearsal/Recording                                         10:00am-Noon (if necessary)

             Cary Christmas Parade                                                                         Noon-4:00pm (parade begins at 2:00pm)

12/12    Outback Rehearsal                                                                                3:00-5:30pm

12/14    Holiday Concert(Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble)    7pm

12/18    Outback Rehearsal                                                                                3:00-5:00pm

             Dinner (provided by boosters)                                                                5:00-6:30pm

             Send-off Performance                                                                            7:00pm (old stadium)

12/28-1/2Outback Experience!

*We will be sending home information concerning the Rose Parade Rehearsal/Recording sessions under separate cover. We have learned that we need to submit special movement/camera angles of the band that cannot be gathered in any way other than in a special recording session.  Thank you for your flexibility in managing to accommodate this request!

Hope to see you along the parade route cheering on our wonderful band!

N.C. Central District Honor Band - Information

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N.C. Central District Honor Band

Auditions:  Jan. 6, 2018 at Southeast Guilford High School (Snow Date:  Jan. 13)
Band Clinic/Concert:  Jan. 26-27 at UNC-Chapel Hill
(Snow Date for Clinic is Feb. 2-3)

The Central District Honor Band is the most celebrated honor band in the area; however, it is the most challenging to get into.  The competition is quite stiff:  Each year @ 35 of our students audition; usually @12 students “win” a position in the band.  

The audition site is Southeast Guilford H.S.  Students must arrange their own transportation.  Students will be assigned a time period (usually 1-2 hours) during which they will audition (between 8:30am-6pm).  Students may leave after they audition; results are posted online.

To audition, please complete the attachment below and return it to the band office with your $8.00 fee by Monday, Dec. 4th (checks made payable to ADHS Band Boosters).  Visit www.ncbandmasters.orgto get information about audition requirements (after entering the site, go to central district information).  Make certain that you can attend the Honor Band Clinic and that you will prioritize the time to adequately prepare your scales/arpeggios (which MUST BE MEMORIZED IN ORDER) and solo.  Please note that all students must perform their solo for the band director and/or instrumental clinician before the audition.  The band director reserves the right to ask a student to refrain from participating if the student is not adequately prepared.

Students who make the honor band will receive additional information about the clinic weekend.  In sum, the Central District Honor Band Clinic will be held at UNC-Chapel Hill.  We will make arrangements to have students transported to and from the site; no lodging will be necessary.   There is a “clinic fee” of $25 that the selected students will also need to pay. (Band Boosters may help if funds are available.)



Central District Honor Band Audition
(Due Monday, Dec. 4, 2017)

My son/daughter ______________________________ in grade _____ has my permission to audition for the Central District Honor Band on Saturday, Jan. 6 on the following instrument(s) ___________________________________________.  

The auditions will be held at Southeast Guilford H.S. and students must arrange their own transportation.  I understand that if selected, my child will be available to rehearse and perform with the honor band on Jan. 26-27 at UNC-Chapel Hill.  An $8.00 audition fee per instrument must accompany this note (checks made payable to ADHS Band Boosters).

Signed _______________________________

Outback Bowl Overview and Rehearsals

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With the conclusion of football games and local competitions, our attention begins to focus on our “post-season” activities, namely the Christmas Parades and the Outback Bowl!  The purpose of this letter is to provide you with an overview of the Outback Bowl trip and the rehearsals planned to prepare for this venture.

The Outback Bowl Experience comprises 3 guaranteed performances, 1 possible extra performance, and several non-performance, enjoyable activities.

Guaranteed Performances

Saturday, Dec. 30    6:35pm    Field Show Competition at Jefferson H.S. (nearly adjacent to our hotel)

We will be performing our field show: “Adventure Awaits!”

Sunday, Dec. 31        5:30pm    Outback Bowl Parade in Tampa (approx. 1 mile in length)

We will be performing an arrangement of “The Pirates of the Caribbean.”  This is different from our field show and will need to be memorized.

Monday, Jan. 1           Noon       Massed band performance during halftime of Outback Bowl

We will be performing 3 selections in a stand still, block formation with many bands.  One piece is a salute to our Armed Forces; the other two are country music medleys.  These selections do NOT need to be memorized; rather, students will have the music with them on the field.

Possible Extra Performance*

Monday, Jan. 1            Noon        Field Show performance for Pregame of  Outback Bowl

*Awarded to the winner of the field show competition on 12/30.  We would perform our field show:  “Adventure Awaits.”

Non-Performance, Enjoyable Activities

Friday, Dec.  29        All day           Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Saturday, Dec. 30     1-3pm           Clearwater Beach

Sunday, Dec. 31       11-3:30pm    Busch Gardens, Tampa

                                  8pm-12am    Busch Gardens, Tampa

January, Jan. 1          12-4pm        Outback Bowl Game


In order to prepare for our performances, I am requesting the following rehearsal dates and times:

Tuesday, Nov. 28          3:00-5:30pm

Tuesday, Dec. 5            3:00-5:30pm

Tuesday, Dec. 12          3:00-5:30pm

Monday, Dec. 18            Rehearsal                                                         3:00-5:00pm

                                        Dinner (provided by boosters)                         5:15-6:30pm

                                        Send-off Performance for friends and family   7:00pm

Thursday, Dec. 28           Rehearsal                                                         9:00-11:00am

                                         Loading                                                            11:00-1:00pm

                                         Report to Athens for departure                        9:30pm

There will be NO REHEARSALS/ACTIVITIES DEC. 21-27.  Please enjoy this special holiday season with your friends and family! 

It is very important that you let me know ASAP about conflicts with the rehearsal schedule.  Email is best.  We must stay in shape with our field show, learn a new parade song (and possibly a bit of entertaining body movement along with it), and know our music for the massed-band performance.  Guard members must learn the routine for the massed band music in order to participate!

We will not jeopardize students’ participation in other activities (e.g., sports); however, I would ask everyone to communicate with your coaches/teachers and prioritize in a responsible manner.  

This entire experience is one of those “once in a lifetimes,” and there is no doubt that we will remember this for the remainder of our lives.  Let’s make certain we are thoroughly prepared so that we can make it as enjoyable as possible!

We are getting close!  Adventure Awaits!


P.S.  Much more information about the specific itinerary of the trip will be made available ASAP.  This is just a start.


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The Marching Band is in need of 6 students to serve as banner carriers for our upcoming Christmas Parades.  Our banner is quite large and actually requires 8 students to comfortably hold it the length of a parade.  (This number will also allow students time to rest their arms by alternating holding assignments.)  Banner carriers will march in front of our marching band for the entire parade route and will be provided a uniform as well as transportation to and from the parade.  This is a perfect opportunity for students interested in becoming members of our marching band to get a feel of the wonderful spirit in our group!  There is NO COST involved nor previous experience required.
We are requesting that the students attend 2 rehearsals next week with the marching band in order to get adjusted to holding the banner, learn how to stay in step with the band, and get fitted for a uniform.  Please note the following schedule:

Tues. 11/14                 3:00-5:30pm                    Parade rehearsal
Thurs. 11/16                3:00-5:30pm                    Parade rehearsal
Sat. 11/18                    7:30-noon                        Raleigh Christmas Parade
Sat. 12/2                     noon-7:00pm                    Apex Christmas Parade (preceded by Rose Parade filming in our stadium with our banner carriers)
Sat. 12/9                     noon-4:00pm                    Cary Christmas Parade

Positions will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis with priority given to the following:  availability (to make all five dates noted above), interest in joining our marching band next year, seniority.  If you would like to be considered as an “official banner carrier” for our marching band, please contact the band director via email -

Thank you for helping make our marching band so terrific!

Winter Percussion 2017-18 Information

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All students interested in participating in the Athens Drive HS Band's 2017-18 Winter Percussion Line are invited to attend the following interest clinics at school to be held:  
  • November 6th 6pm-8:30pm           
  • November 7th 3pm-6pm
  • November 8th 6pm-8:30pm     
(There will be an interest meeting for Parents on Wednesday November 8th at 6pm in the band room.)
  • November 13th 6pm-8:30 - instrument auditions
  • November 15th 6pm-8:30 - instrument auditions  
All interested students, new and returning, are required to attend the introductory/interest clinics as well as the auditions on November 13th and 15th. There is no commitment required to attend these rehearsals and they provide an excellent forum for parents and students to ask questions and discuss the season in detail. 
Our Winter Percussion Line rehearses from mid November through mid April and performs in a series of competitions beginning in February.
For complete information, including qualifications, attendance requirements, performance expectations, purpose of orientation/audition sessions, fair share expense and commitment requirements, please see information below:

If you have any questions, please contact Sherry Skinner our Percussion Support contact at

The Athens Drive H.S. Winter Percussion Line is the indoor complement to the percussion unit of the marching band, and is a formal part of our entire band program. Like the marching band percussion section, this indoor group includes battery percussion (marching snares, tenors, basses) and front ensemble instrumentation (mallet instruments, timpani, auxiliary percussion). The group is also auditioning students for pianists (synthesizer), and drum set. To be chosen as a member of the Winter Percussion Line is an honor and performing as part of this group is a privilege. The group rehearses from mid November through mid April and performs in a series of competitions beginning in late February. Any Athens Drive student is welcome to participate (you do not need to be currently involved in the band program); however, the ability to read music is a prerequisite. John Antonelli is the lead staff instructor.

I.  Qualifications
The Winter Percussion Line is open to all current seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen.
A positive attitude must be demonstrated at all times as reflected in the quality of the work and the relationships with other members of the unit. Students must be trusted to work independently and be able to work together in small and large groupings. Students must also be willing to spend the extra time required to set-up and store-away equipment used in rehearsals/performances.
Minimal musical competency includes the comprehension and performance of basic rhythms (subdivision to the sixteenth note and syncopation) in 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8 and cut time meter.  All students must be able to read rhythmic notation; mallet performers must be able to read pitch notation.

II.  Attendance
It is important to realize that because the group is so interdependent (that is, everyone depends on everyone to be there), any absence or tardy hinders the progress of the group.  All percussionists are expected to be at every rehearsal and performance.  The schedule of rehearsals and performances is tentative, but fairly accurate; the entire schedule will be discussed in detail during the orientation/introductory rehearsal.

Once the schedule is officially agreed upon and confirmed, conflicts with any of the dates must be presented in writing to both the instructors and the parent advisor(s).  Email addresses and phone numbers will be distributed at the orientation rehearsals.  The instructor reserves the right to prohibit a student from performance due to excessive or unexcused absence.

III.  Performance Expectations
Members will be expected to know the music and choreography before being permitted to perform.  This policy will be enforced in the interest of the individual student as well as the entire unit.  A member who does not demonstrate satisfactory proficiency in performing part of the show may be asked to perform less work.

IV.  Orientation/Audition Sessions
The orientation sessions will consist of sight-reading and exercises related to specific instruments.  Students who have no previous percussion experience, but who can read music, should not be discouraged from participating.  We are especially interested in piano players for mallet instruments.

Instrumental assignments will be determined by the quality and skill of those participating and the needs of the line. 

V.  Fair Share Expense
There is a “fair share obligation” for participating in the Winter Percussion Line because the program is not funded by the county.  For all instrumental participants, in order to cover the cost of the instructors, music, choreography, competition entry fees, and select equipment, each member will be assessed $745 (additional non-refundable registration of $100 is due at time of registration).  Activity buses and/or carpools will be arranged to offset expenses for travel to local competitions.  Charter buses will provide travel to out of state competitions. 
The total $845 obligation may be paid in full at the beginning of the season (11/22), or may be divided up in the following manner:  $100 on 11/22 (non-refundable registration fee); $190 on 12/15; $190 on 1/15; $190 on 2/15 and $175 on 3/15.  Financial assistance is available through the booster organization for students who demonstrate need; however, assistance is often contingent on willingness to participate in fundraising activities and past record of service.  No student should be discouraged to join due to the financial obligation; we will assist every family willing to contribute their “fair share.”

VI. Commitment
Upon deciding to participate in the Winter Percussion Line, each student—new and returning-- must complete and submit the online “Winter Percussion Intent Form” along with a $100 non refundable deposit by Tuesday, Nov. 22nd (checks payable to the Athens Drive Band Boosters).  The form is located on the Forms page of our website ( as well as the Winter Percussion page (located under the Performance Groups tab).  Students/families with a credit in their band account can have this deposit deducted by indicating so on the form.  The $100 registration fee will be applied toward the total overall Winter Percussion Line assessment.

If you have any questions regarding the contents of this letter or our band program, please do not hesitate to contact me (e-mail is easiest).
If you have any general questions about the Winter Percussion program - please contact Sherry Skinner at
We look forward to seeing you at the parent/student orientation meeting on Wednesday, November 8th.


Fall Band Concert next Thursday November 9th!

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The purpose of this note is to provide information about our Fall Concert next week.  

Thursday, November 9, 2017
Featuring the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble

6:15pm                            Report:  SB in band room; WE in chorus room & cafeteria 
7:00pm                            Concert begins
                                            - Symphonic Band
                                            - Wind Ensemble
8:30pm                            Concert concludes
                                            - Reception provided by boosters

Both the Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble will be wearing formal attire:  Men will wear the tux shirt, tie, and cummerbund with black pants, socks, and dress shoes; Ladies will wear the black dress with black shoes.  Wind Ensemble men will also wear the black jackets (provided by school). 

Please note that the DRESS REHEARSALS ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED FOR WEDNESDAY, NOV. 8 HAVE BEEN CANCELLED.  Thanks to all your hard work, we can accomplish what we need to during school hours.  Enjoy the extra time.

If you are interested in sponsoring a piece of music on the program, please talk with your son/daughter about which piece you would like to sponsor.  The average cost of Symphonic Band music is $75; Wind Ensemble music is $100.  Just email me if you are interested in this TAX DEDUCTABLE way to contribute to the band and provide a lasting legacy for your child.  If I know in time, I’ll add your name to our program.  Of course you can also sponsor a work after the concert.  Sponsor names are printed on the archive parts that remain in our library.

Both the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble will be recorded during the concert. DVDs will be available for purchase. 

It’s going to be another great night of music at Athens Drive!  I look forward to seeing you Thursday evening!

P.S. All students in CONCERT BAND and students in MARCHING BAND that are not in our concert ensembles are enthusiastically invited to attend!  We really appreciate your support!  Concert Band students will receive extra credit for attending as well! 

Scotland HS Competition and Friday's Football Game

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The purpose of this letter is to provide you with information concerning our final football game and local competition this weekend, as well as a few other upcoming events.

(vs. Riverside-Durham)
Friday, Nov. 3, 2017

Report to Athens Drive                                            5:00pm
- Change into full uniform
Warm up (junior lot)                                              5:45pm
March to stadium                                                    6:15pm
Game Begins                                                          7:00pm
Halftime Performance@                                         7:45pm
- Senior Recognition Ceremony
- Performance
Dismissal (around flagpole near band room)          10:15pm

Senior parents should report to the HOME SIDE track in the stadium near the end of the first half (plan to start moving with 5:00 left on the clock).  There will be parents directing you to your positions.
As always, students will need their flip folders, lyres, and a small amount of money for drinks/snacks after their performance.  

(“Highland Celebration”)
1000 W Church St, Laurinburg, NC 28352
Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017

Report to Athens                                                     12:30pm
Rehearsal (new stadium)                                      12:45pm
Return to bandroom; eat lunch (on own);                2:15pm
load instruments; prepare for departure
Inspection in senior lot (in ½ uniform)                3:45pm
Depart for SHS (via activity busses)                        4:00pm
-We may make 1 rest stop
Arrive SHS                                                               6:00pm
-Eat dinner (provided by boosters)
-Warm up for show
PERFORMANCE                                                    8:20pm
Awards Ceremony                                                   9:50pm
Depart SHS                                                             11:00pm
-We may make 1 rest stop
Arrive Athens Drive                                               1:00am

Important Competition Day Logistics
  1. Students must remain on campus between our rehearsal and inspection; there will not be enough time for students to safely leave campus.  You are welcome to bring a snack/late lunch to eat after our rehearsal.  Our boosters will feed you once we arrive at SHS.
  2. The students will be wearing their uniform shoes, black socks, bibs and blue show shirt for the bus ride to Laurinburg.
  3. Before we leave SHS, students may change into more comfortable clothes for the bus ride home (your choice).  If possible, students are encouraged to wear a lightweight type of shorts under the uniform so they may change out of the uniform outside near our trucks.  
  4. Our boosters will provide a light snack for the students’ ride back to Raleigh.
  5. You will find the show schedule attached!
  1. What a terrific show!  We are consistently performing at a very high level and are only growing stronger!  
  2. I’m not certain what happened with the 4th bus…  It was not at West Cary where it usually is and our contact on site did not know what happened.  Thank you for stepping up and driving several of our students to Greensboro so that we can travel in an efficient, safe, and comfortable manner!
  3. What a blessing the weather was MOST of the day!  While driving home in the pouring rain I was counting my blessings realizing that the entire day could have been a disappointing washout.  We’ve had seasons where the weather just did not cooperate and we had to endure some very frustrating situations.
  4. We are so close to “breaking through” with respect to scores.  We came in 2nd place in class by .5 (a half a point!).  In the category of music, we came in 2nd place by .1 (a tenth of a point!).  Congrats to our guard, percussion and drum majors on their 1st place finish!
  5. I LOVE our band family!  No award is large enough to show how special our students and parents (families) are!  They cannot judge the VALUE of our band family at any type of competition!  Thank you for working together to create a beautiful show and most importantly, a beautiful group of people!
  6. This season is long!  We have our eyes fixed on the Outback Bowl!!  Adventure awaits!
Important Upcoming Dates:

11/7-9                No after school rehearsals.
11/7                   Parent Booster Meeting 7:30pm
11/9                   Fall Concert featuring the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble 7:00pm
11/11                 Mattress Sale Fundraiser in cafeteria 10-5pm
11/14 & 16        Christmas Parade Rehearsals 3-5:30pm
11/18                Raleigh Christmas Parade 8:00am-Noon (parade begins at 9:30am)
                        Marching Band Banquet at ADHS 1:30-4:30pm
11/28                Outback rehearsal 3-5:30pm
12/2                 Apex Christmas Parade 3:00-7:00pm (parade begins at 5:00pm)
12/5                 Outback rehearsal 3-5:30pm
12/9                  Cary Christmas Parade Noon-5:00pm (parade begins at 2:00pm)
12/12                Outback rehearsal 3-5:30pm
12/14                Grand Holiday Concert featuring the Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble 7:00pm
12/18                Outback rehearsal 3-5pm; Dinner provided by boosters
                        “Send-off Performance” 7:00pm
12/28-1/2          Outback Bowl experience!!!

And finally…
  • Information about Winter Percussion and Winter Guard will be available soon!
  • Our Jazz Ensemble (conducted by Dr. Wes Parker) begins in late January (spring semester).  Look for info about this ensemble after the holidays.
  • All-District Honor Band information will be available from the band office soon!

Wednesday's Marching Band Rehearsal - Extended to 5:30pm

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I would like to extend Wednesday's marching rehearsal to 5:30pm in order to make up a bit of the time we are losing not having rehearsal on Tuesday.  I appreciate your flexibility! 

Thank you so much!

Football Game and NW Guilford Competition this weekend

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The purpose of this letter is to provide you with information concerning the Home Football Game this Friday and the Northwest Guilford H.S. Competition in Greensboro N.C. this Saturday.

Friday, Oct. 27, 2017
  • Report to Athens Drive 5:00pm
  • Change into full uniform 5:15pm
  • Warm-up in Junior lot 5:45pm
  • March to stadium 6:15pm
  • Pregame Performance   6:45pm
  • Game begins 7:00pm
  • Halftime Performance@ 8:00pm
  • Dismissal (at flagpole near band room) 9:45pm
Students will be wearing their full uniform for this game.  They may wear any TEE SHIRT underneath the jacket--no tank tops!  As we will be wearing our blue show shirt under our uniform tomorrow, I would suggest not wearing the blue show shirt for this performance (unless you want to wash it Friday evening). Woodwinds and brass will need their flip folders and lyres; all students should bring a small amount of money for drinks/snacks following their performance.  

We will be hosting rising 9th band members this evening!  The students will sit with our band during the game; however, they will not play—just observe and interact with our members.  All 8th graders should report to our band room at 6:00pm and we will have a group of band parents escort them to the field.

5240 NW School Rd, Greensboro, NC 27409
Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017
  • Report to Athens 12:45pm
  • Rehearsal (site TBD) 1:00pm
  • Return to bandroom; eat lunch (on own); 2:30pm
  • load instruments; prepare for departure
  • Inspection in senior lot (in ½ uniform)   4:00pm
  • Depart for NWGHS (via activity busses) 4:15pm
    • We will make 1 rest stop
  • Arrive SBHS 6:30pm
    • Eat dinner (provided by boosters)
    • Warm up for show
  • PERFORMANCE   8:30pm
  • Awards Ceremony 9:30pm
  • Depart NWGHS 10:30pm
  • We will make 1 rest stop
  • Arrive Athens Drive    12:30am
Important Competition Day Logistics
  1. Students must remain on campus between our rehearsal and inspection; there will not be enough time for students to safely leave campus.   You are welcome to bring a snack/late lunch to eat after our rehearsal.  Our boosters will feed you once we arrive at NWGHS.
  2. The students will be wearing their uniform shoes, black socks, bibs and blue show shirt for the bus ride to Greensboro.
  3. Before we leave NWGHS, students may change into more comfortable clothes for the bus ride home (your choice).  If possible, students are encouraged to wear a lightweight type of shorts under the uniform so they may change out of the uniform outside near our trucks.  
  4. Our boosters will provide a light snack for the students’ ride back to Raleigh.
  5. You will find the show schedule attached to email.
The students and I are so appreciative for the many positive comments regarding our show - it truly is a wonderful production!  “Comparison is the thief of joy” and although we do not always place number one, we continually improve and bring a first-class experience to all involved! Most importantly, I know that the students and families involved in this program are truly enjoying themselves through the hard work, challenge, and friendship offered. Championship always grows from the inside out, and we are truly champions!

This will likely be the LARGEST SHOW OF THE YEAR with 29 bands competing!  Please consider making the journey to be there - to support this wonderful, big, blue shiny band!

Please add WINTER CHAMBER CONCERT to your band calendar Feb 22 2018

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Here we grow again!!!

By request from our students, I am excited to announce the addition of another CHAMBER CONCERT in our Concert Series on February 22, 2018.  This “Winter Chamber Concert” will be much like our “Fall Chamber Concert” and will feature select small ensembles from our Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble.  Please add this wonderful event to your calendar!

As a reminder, our Fall Concert will be November 9th at 7pm featuring our Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble.  The repertoire for the concert appears below.  If you would like to place a work in your child’s name, please email me and I will let you know the cost of the work.  The usual cost for a Symphonic Band work is $85 and a Wind Ensemble work $100.  The donation will appear in the program and on every “original” part in our library.  What a nice lasting tribute!

Fall Concert Repertoire (November 9, 2017)

Symphonic Band
*Americans We (Fillmore)
First Suite in Eb (Holst)
*The Unexpected Journey (Ciechomski)
*Toccata (Frescobaldi)
*The Blue Ridge (Sheldon)

Wind Ensemble
A Festival Prelude (Reed)
Redwood (George)
*March Militaire Francaise (Saint-Saens)
*Magnolia Star (Danyew)
Finale from Symphony No. 2 (Scriabin)

(*) Works marked with an asterisk are available to be sponsored.

Thank you for all your support!!

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