Friday's Football Game and Saturday's 9-9 Rehearsal

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September 18, 2019

Dear marching band student and parent,

Last week was SO FUN!  Now let’s do it again in even better weather!

The purpose of this letter is to provide information concerning our THIRD HOME FOOTBALL GAME this Friday.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Report to ADHS band room 5:45pm

Warm-up in front (junior) parking area 6:00pm

Walk to staging area 6:20pm

March to stadium 6:35pm

Pregame 6:50pm

Game begins 7:00pm

Halftime performance @7:50pm

Dismissal (at flagpole near gym entrance) @9:45pm

Students are to wear their BLUE SHOW TEE SHIRT, shorts, socks and tennis shoes.  Students will need their flip folders and lyres; they should also bring a small amount of money for drinks/snacks following their performance (during 3rd quarter).

WE NEED PARENTS TO HELP US WITH MOVING EQUIPMENT TO AND FROM THE FIELD!  Dr. Michaud is meeting with the front ensemble students at 5:15pm to move all the percussion to our field.  We will also need parents to help move equipment back to the school after our halftime performance.  Last week, the clock did not stop due to the “mercy rule” so we had very little time to get it back before the game ended and were very short of parent help.  [Mercy rule?  If the point spread of the score is something like 35 or more points, the clock is run without stopping until the end of the game.]  We may have this happen again (lol), so any help is appreciated!

Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019
Field crew reports 8:30am

Report to band room to get instrument,
drill folder, markers, etc. 8:45am

Rehearsal at practice field 9:00am
Lunch (on own) Noon

Rehearsal at practice field 1:30pm

Dinner (on own) 4:30pm

Rehearsal in NEW stadium 6:00pm

Dismissal (at stadium) 9:00pm

Students may eat on campus or leave campus for LUNCH/DINNER.  Although there should be sufficient time to “eat out,” please think ahead as to where you might like to dine so that you have enough time to drive safely and eat a decent meal.  There is really no problem with hanging out in the band room!

Be sure to have your UNIFORM at school on Saturday as we will be checking the fit for each student.  We will be performing in full dress for the football game next Friday and our first competition on Saturday.

WE ARE INVITING ALL FAMILIES AND FRIENDS TO WATCH THE LAST HOUR OF OUR EVENING REHEARSAL ON SATURDAY IN THE NEW STADIUM (8-9pm)!  We will perform our entire show with props just like we are going to do in competition!  Please consider coming!  So exciting!  Plus, the weather looks to be perfect!!!  Woo-hoo!

As always, thank you for everything you do to support our program!


P.S. We perform at 3:00pm next Saturday at Mount Pleasant High School and then again at 7:00pm at Hickory Ridge High School.  The schools are about 20 minutes apart.  More info to follow!

Football Game Friday, September 13th

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September 11, 2019

Dear marching band student and parent,

Okay, let’s try this again, without the hurricane!  The purpose of this letter is to provide information concerning our SECOND HOME FOOTBALL GAME this Friday.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Report to ADHS band room 5:45pm

Warm-up in front (junior) parking area 6:00pm

Walk to staging area 6:20pm

March to stadium 6:35pm

Pregame 6:50pm

Game begins 7:00pm

Halftime performance @7:50pm

Dismissal (at flagpole near gym entrance) @9:45pm

Students are to wear their BLUE SHOW TEE SHIRT, shorts, socks and tennis shoes.  Students will need their flip folders and lyres; they should also bring a small amount of money for drinks/snacks following their performance (during 3rd quarter).

I realize that this THURSDAY will be a long day for us as we have after school rehearsal, open house/meet-the-teacher evening, and then a band booster meeting!  We really need our full rehearsal on Thursday to make Friday work.  Please understand that it is only on Thursdays when I see the entire marching band together during the week.  So, if you are attending the open house—which starts at 6:00pm—maybe you can bring a dinner for your child and they can hang out in the band area and eat and do homework, etc.  And since you are going to be here anyway, please stick around for a few extra minutes and attend our booster meeting which will begin at 7:30—right after the open house.  We’ll keep it very brief and informative!  

THANK YOU for all you do for our kids and our band program!  I hope to see many of you at our football game Friday evening!


Logistics for Friday's Football Game

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September 3, 2019

Dear marching band student and parent,

The purpose of this letter is to provide information concerning our FIRST HOME FOOTBALL GAME this Friday.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Report to ADHS band room 5:45pm

Warm-up in front (junior) parking area 6:00pm

Walk to staging area 6:20pm

March to stadium 6:35pm

Pregame 6:50pm

Game begins 7:00pm

Halftime performance @7:50pm

Dismissal (at flagpole near gym entrance) @9:45pm

Students are to wear their BLUE SHOW TEE SHIRT, shorts, socks and tennis shoes.  Students will need their flip folders and lyres; they should also bring a small amount of money for drinks/snacks following their performance (during 3rd quarter).

Wow!  Really?  Second year in a row?  We’ll just have to “Weather the Weather!”

[Okay, had to get that in…]  In all seriousness, we are rehearsing and planning as if the hurricane will just skirt our area with just some wind and rain and that it will be gone by Friday afternoon.  If the game is cancelled, we will NOT play for any rescheduled game as there are just too many conflicts among our members.  In the meantime, please keep all those affected in your thoughts and prayers.

THANK YOU for all you do for our kids and our band program!  Stay safe and I hope to see many of you at our football game Friday evening!


National Memorial Day Parade in Washington D.C. - Online Trip Intent Form

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I am excited to inform you that our Marching Band has been invited to perform for theNational Memorial Day Parade in Washington D.C. on May 25, 2020! After reviewing the trip with our booster board, we have decided to accept the invitation. Our band performed at this event in 2013 and had a wonderful experience. The students get the opportunity to visit one of the most noted areas of our country during a holiday dedicated to patriotism, and they actually get to perform among such famous landmarks as the Washington Memorial and White House. This letter includes important information regarding the trip as well as a payment schedule and a tentative itinerary. In surveying the attached information, please note the following: 
  1. Students will not miss any school to participate on this trip. 
  2. The cost of the trip includes transportation, lodging, most meals, a souvenir parade t-shirt, a souvenir photo video, and a tour manager that remains with us throughout the weekend. Lunch on Sunday and dinner on the way home on Monday are not included. 
  3. All band members are invited to travel, including students in marching band AND those who are only in concert ensembles and/or winter guard, winter percussion, jazz ensemble. We believe that the educational opportunities that this trip provides (including attending a performance by the U.S. Marine Band) justifies allowing all of our band members to participate. 
Payment Schedule (all fees are non-refundable) Total student fee = $595 
  • $100 due Oct. 1st 
  • $100 due Nov. 23rd 
  • $150 due Jan. 20th 
  • $150 due Feb. 20th 
  • $95 due Mar. 20th 
All checks are to be made payable to “ADHS Band Boosters.” Please note that all fees are non-refundable because our travel agency (Music Celebrations International) penalizes us for deductions of members once an initial commitment has been made. (This policy is similar to booking a flight/hotel online.) 

All band fees (including service converted to fees) must be paid in full by May 8. Students showing outstanding balances after this date, with no plan to pay-off the outstanding fees, will not be permitted to participate. If you need to make alterations to the above payment schedule, please contact the Co-Treasurers, Students who do not remit fees on time, without notification, will not be able to attend. Parents interested in chaperoning can indicate so on Trip Intent form, found online. Seniority and service to the organization - particularly experience working around the students are important factors in chaperone selection. There are two payment options: 
  1. Fill out the online Trip Intent Form and submit the $100 deposit online, using PayPal (if applicable). 
  2. Fill out the online Trip Intent Form and then send in the $100 deposit (if applicable). 
Checks should be made out to ADHS Band Boosters and should be mailed to:ADHS Band Boosters P.O. Box 293 Cary, NC 27512 

Please take a moment to fill out the Trip Intent Form, even if your student/family is NOT planning to participate in the trip. 
Here’ the link to the online Trip Intent Form:

Looking forward to this great trip! 

Logistics for After School Marching Rehearsals

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August 19, 2019

Dear marching band student and parent,

The purpose of this letter is to provide an overview of logistics involved with after-school rehearsals which will begin next Tuesday, August 27.

1) Plan ahead!  Bring a comfortable change of clothes to school, including socks and tennis shoes.  Rehearsals in August and September tend to be warm, so dress accordingly.  Remember to wear light colored clothes and a HAT (although keep it hidden during the school day).  No matter what the forecast, assume that we will be rehearsing outside.

2) Drink/Eat wisely!  Drink plenty of water throughout the school day and after school (you can carry your water bottle around).  Avoid soda/junk snacks and be sure to eat lunch.  We will be providing students with snacks in the band hall immediately after school.  The goal is to provide protein and carbs so you will have energy to burn.  Students will be provided with plenty of water throughout the rehearsal.  Students who drink and eat well throughout the day and dress appropriately for the heat usually do not have a problem.  Parent chaperones are in attendance at every after-school rehearsal to provide added assistance.

3) Store all book bags, etc. in the band room after school; do not leave such items in the hallway.  While we are rehearsing outside, the band room will either be used by the percussion or it will be locked.  Students should take purses or other valuable personal items to the practice field.

4) Be on time!  After-school rehearsals will start promptly at 3:00pm, usually on our practice field.  If the weather is threatening or inclement, we will meet in the band room.  Students are encouraged to use the time between 2:18 (end of school) and 3:00 to change clothes, grab a snack, check-off music, and visit with other teachers as necessary.

5) Practice will end on time, usually at the practice field.  Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals will end at 5:30pm; Wednesday rehearsals will end at 5:00pm.  Many parents meet their child(ren) at the field and drive them back up to school to retrieve their book bags, etc.  Our practice field is adjacent to the stadium parking lot at the bottom of stadium drive.

6) Marching rehearsals take priority over all other school activities.  If you are part of a group/club which meets after school, you may attend any meeting until 2:50pm at which time you are to come to marching rehearsal.  Please inform your teacher/advisor that you are in the marching band; they will respect your sense of commitment.  Clubs which meet after school on Monday or Friday are usually not a problem.  Regular marching rehearsals end the first week of November.  If you anticipate a serious conflict, please see the band director.

7) All after-school rehearsals are mandatory.  If a student is absent from school or leaves school early, a courtesy email or call to the band office would be appreciated.  The director reserves the right to withhold a student from performing if material is not learned and/or attendance is poor.  Also, it is expected that if a student is well enough to come to school, he/she is well enough to march.  If this is not the case, a note must be presented from a parent or a doctor.

8) Sectionals.  Student leaders may call after-school sectionals (usually on Mondays or Fridays) to address specific issues or polish music/movement.  Although these sectionals carry less weight than a scheduled full-band rehearsal, students are expected to do their best to honor the request.  If a student cannot attend a sectional due to a previous commitment, job, or large homework load, please provide a note to the band director.  We have asked our section leaders to be considerate with regard to providing advance notice (usually a week if possible), specifying beginning and ending times, and using sectional time wisely.  It is the responsibility of the student leader to arrange for a parent chaperone or staff member to be on site.

We are off to a terrific start!  We have had a very productive summer, we’ve got 127 wonderful members, and we’ve got a GREAT SHOW!  Your courtesy in following the aforementioned guidelines will ensure that we will enjoy a productive and rewarding season.


Post Camp Will End At 9.30 Next Week

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We will be concluding our post camp rehearsals next week at 9:30pm instead of 10:00pm for the following reasons:  
  1. Doc has a bunch of "in-service" school meetings starting very early in the mornings
  2. We are ahead of the game with regard to the music rehearsals that we do inside for the last 1.5 hours
  3. It's a reward for all the wonderful work that everyone has been doing up to this point in the year.  Ah, the gift of TIME!
Seriously, I wish to thank everyone for how smoothly this summer has gone.  We are almost finished learning 3 out of the 4 movements of our show, we are playing more pep-band music than ever, and the quality of the student's work is very impressive.  Most importantly, there is a positive, cooperative, energetic vibe in this band that is just awesome!  These kids impress me more and more every year.  Who knows, I might be able to keep doing this in my 80s if they keep it up!

Please note that our color guard will be rehearsing from 5:30-8:30pm next week so that they can have an open field for the first hour.  Thank you for accommodating this schedule!
Once again, thank you so much all your support of our wonderful program!  Football games will begin on Friday, Sept. 6th...only 3 weeks from now!  It's going to go by fast, so enjoy every moment!
Now if we can only cut some of this humidity we'll be perfect...but I guess we've just got to "weather the weather!"


Competition Venues for Marching Band

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Dear Athens Drive Marching Band family and friends,

We have enjoyed a terrific band camp and are now settling in to our "post camp" rehearsals.  Before we get too far along in our season, I wanted to share with you the venues that have been chosen for our competitions this fall.  Please consider attending as many as possible.  First of all, we may need your help as a chaperone or member of our field crew.  But even more importantly, it is so affirming for your child to have you in the audience!  The students have been working so well together and the show is coming along quite nicely.  The weather is even cooperating (except for last Friday evening--lol).  

September 28  Mt. Pleasant H.S. (afternoon), Hickory Ridge H.S. (evening).
East Charlotte area...yes, a double-header!  Both schools are well experienced in hosting a show.

October 5 Midway H.S. (evening)
Newton Grove, NC...relatively close to home; this is their first show ever!

October 12 Whiteoak H.S. (evening)
Jacksonville, NC...down east!  Large show...first time we have attended.

October 26 Union Pines H.S. (evening)
In Cameron, our sandhills...very well established show and very friendly band.  The band director's motto is "It's all good!"  Hard not to like this guy!

November 2 North Davidson H.S. (evening)
West of Greensboro...a bit of a hike, but a great show and great people.  We won this show last time--in the gym due to weather.

The usual schedule for these Saturdays is a late morning/early afternoon rehearsal at our school, then we change into 1/2 uniform and travel to the venue.  The students normally receive 1 meal from our boosters.  I will send you a complete schedule preceding every show so you will know exactly what is happening.  

The really great thing about these shows/competitions is that the audience is so respectful and enthusiastic towards the students.  It is like attending a concert of marching band shows.  The competition aspect is there...but due to the nature of art and the questionable validity of assigning numbers to art, I try to make sure that this is not the main goal.  Winning will often occur naturally with excellent fundamentals and solid musicianship/showmanship.  I want the kids to love performing and to always be proud of their preparation and efforts.  

All that said, it would certainly be fun to beat everyone:)

Thanks for all your support and enjoy these last precious weeks of summer!

Attention Section Leaders and Seniors!

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Hello to our 2019 band seniors, section leaders and class representatives!

"It's beginning to feel a lot like BAND CAMP!"  100 degrees, sticky, hazy...ya gotta luv it!
It all starts MONDAY!  GET LIT!  

I will be at school at NOON on Monday, 7/22 if you want to come in early and begin copying music for your section.  

NEW for WIND SECTION-LEADERS:  At 2:00pm, Dr. Parker and John will lead a session on teaching marching basics.  Many upperclassmen have suggested such a meeting in the past and I think it will be a great idea to get everyone on the same page and refresh good teaching methods.

At 3:00pm we will have our first LEADERSHIP MEETING.  It would be a good idea to bring a notebook and perhaps a folder to store handouts.  In addition to discussing leadership and good teaching practice, we'll be covering the activities that occur in pre-camp and band camp.  We'll give you a break between 5:00-6:15pm to catch dinner, and then it's time for PRE-CAMP!

PRE-CAMP is 6:30-10:00pm Monday-Thursday.  YOU will do the majority of teaching during this time so the afternoon sessions are very important as they will prepare you for this experience.

I am so excited to see all of you again and to get a brand new season started!  Our goal--as always--will be to make this year the BEST YEAR we have enjoyed at Athens Drive.  Whether the weather is cold or HOT, you're gonna luv this year A LOT!  😊 

See ya soon!

Summer/Fall Marching Band Schedule 2019

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June 11, 2019

Attached you will find our summer/fall schedule, which is the same schedule that was released a few weeks ago.  Please contact the band office ( ASAP if there is a serious conflict with any of these dates!

Athens Drive High School Marching Band
2019 Schedule
(All events at ADHS unless otherwise noted.) 

July 22-25 Precamp 6:30pm-10:00pm
July 28-Aug. 2 Bandcamp (N.C. Wesleyan)                   TBA
Aug. 6-8; 13-15; 20-22 Postcamp  6:30pm-10:00pm

Aug. 27 First After-School Rehearsal 3:00-5:30pm    
Sept. 6 Football Game (vs. Enloe) 6:00-10:00pm
Sept. 13 Football Game (vs. Middle Creek) 6:00-10:00pm
Sept. 20 Football Game (vs. Apex Friendship) 6:00-10:00pm
Sept. 21 Saturday Rehearsal 9:00-9:00pm
Sept. 27 Football game (vs. Heritage) 6:00-10:00pm
Sept. 28 Competition #1 TBA                
Oct. 5 Competition #2 TBA    
Oct. 11                                     Football Game (vs. Green Hope)            6:00-10:00pm
Oct. 12                                     Competition #3 TBA
Oct. 25                                     Football Game (vs. Panther Creek)        6:00-10:00pm
                                                           -Eighth Grade Band Night
                                                            -Senior Recognition     

Oct. 26 Competition #4 TBA
Nov. 2                                     Competition #5 TBA
Nov. 5-7                                  No After-School Rehearsals                  
Nov. 12-14                              No After-School Rehearsals
Nov. 19 & 21                          Christmas Parade Rehearsals 3:00-5:00pm
Nov. 23 Raleigh Christmas Parade 8:00am-noon
                                                Marching Band Banquet 1:30-4:30pm
Dec. 7 Apex Christmas Parade 3:00-7:00pm
Dec. 14 Cary Christmas Parade                          Noon-4:30pm

After School Rehearsal Schedule (8/27-10/31)
Tuesday & Thursday 3:00-5:30pm; Wednesday 3:00-5:00pm
(Guard & Percussion may differ slightly due to instructor availability.  Rehearsal schedule for these groups will be provided ASAP.)

SAT Dates:  Oct. 5, Nov. 2, Dec. 7
Students may sign up to take the SAT on any of these dates; we will make certain that our performance schedule allows students to take the test in the morning/early afternoon.   

Please contact the band director ASAP if there is a serious conflict with any of the above dates (

Marching Band Welcome Letter

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June 11, 2019

Dear 2019 Athens Drive Marching Band member and parent,

I just wanted to take a moment to WELCOME you to the 2019 Athens Drive High School Marching Band!  For those of you who are new to our organization, I want to CONGRATULATE you on making such a wonderful decision.  The Marching Band is the LARGEST organized group at Athens Drive and its #1 ambassador.  Most importantly, the Marching Band is an absolutely awesome FAMILY of musicians who share a passion for visual and musical performance.

This year’s band will include over 125 musicians:  Currently 51 woodwind; 35 brass; 18 guard; 21 percussion; and 1 drum major.   I have attached our current roster.  Our summer/fall schedule, which is the same schedule that was released a few weeks ago, will follow in a separate email.  Please contact the band office ASAP if there is a serious conflict with any of these dates!

Although we are sending our current numbers to our choreographer, we have decided to extend the “official” deadline for submitting a marching intent form to this Friday, June 14th.   If your name is not on the attached list and you want to be included in our marching band, you MUST sign-up through our website by this date in order to be guaranteed a position in our band.

During the next several weeks the staff will be busy preparing for our upcoming season.  We will be charting choreography, writing music, ordering equipment, and planning performances.  It is hoped that you will enjoy this time to relax and recharge.  If possible, try to maintain your “chops” by practicing regularly.  For students who need a school instrument, our section leaders will be contacting you to arrange delivery/pick-up.  Summer is also an excellent time to take private lessons in order to make greater progress on everything from tone production to music reading. 

I can promise you that one of the BEST EXPERIENCES OF YOUR LIFE is just around the corner.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions; I will be in-and-out of school for the next several weeks.

We look forward to seeing all of you on July 22nd!


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