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posted Apr 3, 2016, 3:59 PM by Sarah Page

Athens Drive Band Boosters 
Booster Meeting 
Thursday, October 15th, 2015 

Start Time: 7:40PM
Attendance: 25

President (Wendy Bennett): Welcome.

Secretary’s Report (Jami Summers): Presented minutes from previous booster meeting. Motioned by Joe Baker and seconded by Laura Quakenbush.

PTSA Guest Speaker Elena Price:
  • All of the booster groups are trying to work together - Jag Club, Fine Arts, Chorus, Theater and Band.
  • The PTSA is asking help from all of those groups to fund the Teacher Grants.
  • The only money the PTSA brings in is from membership fees. Please join the PTSA if you haven’t already.
Treasurer’s Report (Joe Baker): October is a busy month with State Fair Parking and other Fundraisers going on. Please keep up with your account if not working any of those fundraisers. Updates for September coming out soon. Do not have Scrip credits for September in yet.

Disney Trip (Richard Spalding):We will be leaving Sunday March 27th, returning Friday April 1st. The total cost will be $700. That includes 4 days in the parks, transportation, admission, hotel and most meals. Designed for both Marching band and Concert bands. Tuesday night the marching band will be marching in the Electrical Light Parade at Disney. Concert band will be performing also. So far only 43 people have signed up. Sign ups are open until next Wednesday. We need a count so we can decide if we need 3 or 4 buses. Still deciding between 3 days at Disney/ 1 at Universal or 2 days Disney/2 at Universal. Families can use Scrip Cards for hotel but band can’t.

State Fair Parking (Richard Spalding):The #1 contributor to the band general fund. We are hurting for volunteers right now, especially the Saturdays of the competitions. It pays $40 for weekend shift and goes towards your service credits.

Coupon Books (Wendy Bennett): Thank you to Pam Rusnak and Jean Burroughs. Went very well , no numbers yet.

BBQ (Wendy Bennett): Thank you to Laura Ashford and Sahee Kim.

Bulls (Wendy Bennett): Thank you to the Neal and Martha Smith.

Big Al's (Wayne Childers): Have filled 104 shifts. Estimate to earn about $4500-5000. Still some spots available.

Let's Eat! (Wendy Bennett): Next event, TMAC on Tuesday November 10th. 11am-12am. Will give back 10%. They also will be providing our meal on Saturday and are a new sponsor.

Fruit and Nut (Suzanne Puccio): Starting Monday the envelopes will go out with all the information so check with your kids. Ends Friday November 13th. Fruit will arrive on Friday December 11th and pickup is 2:30-6.

Lemonade Stand (Michelle Young): Rained out our last game. Was rainy for the first 2 games. Have 12 spots open for Halloween game. Nov 21st is the next game and the last game is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Grocery / Scrip Cards (Jean Burroughs): November 8th is the next scrip order. Always has grocery cards with her.

Magnet Update (Sherry Skinner): The new Magnet theme will be 21st Century Health. Nothing in our currents STEM program will change. We have 200 open student spots. Will explore the medical field of the future. Dr Hedrick is firm that nothing in the arts programs will be changed.

Composite Pictures (Wendy Bennett): The pictures are available on line now. http://justsmile.shootproof/gallery/1516ADHSband (email website@athensdriveband.com for password). Order online or in person on November 12th from 5:30-7:30.

Director News (Doc) :

Meeting Adjourned: 9:40PM