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2014 - 08/14

posted Sep 19, 2014, 8:07 PM by Kimberly Lowe   [ updated Sep 19, 2014, 8:09 PM ]
Band Booster Meeting Minutes 
August 14, 2014 

Meeting started at 7:30pm

Welcome- Mary Knierim

SmugMug- David Knierim explained what SmugMug is and how it works. It’s a commercial website for pictures that those with the password can access. Last year we had 12,000 pictures downloaded.

Secretary- Minutes from the last meeting were approved. Motioned by Jenae Emmanuel and seconded by Joe Baker.

Treasurer- (Jean Burroughs) thanked everyone for keeping up on payments. September you will be able to start monthly payments toward accounts.
  • Kroger Cards- Kroger will stop offering reloadable cards after August 30th. Money already on there will still be available. 
  • Remember to relink your Harris Teeter cards. Need to relink to #2153 every August. 
  • We still are offering Food Lion and Lowes Foods gift cards. 
Ways and Means-
  • Coupon Books- Chairs will be there Tuesday and Thursday at the end of practices for more books or turning in money. August 29th is the end date. 
  • Bulls- (Neal Smith) First week of September is the end of the season. We moved to a smaller stand, sometimes still in first base stand though. $14,000 into student accounts so far and close to $6000 into the general fund. 
  • BBQ- (Laura Ashford) Friday September 19th is the scheduled date. The day before 9-9 practice. We need people to deliver, scoop, and make desserts! Order forms are on line so please go out and presale as much as possible!! 
  • Lemonade Stand- Sign ups are on line. Must be 14 years old to work. 
  • Mattress Sale- (Aleece Spalding) November 15th in the Gym is the date. $7000 profit last year and he has even better mattresses this year! Kids can earn cash direct to them for each mattress sold in their name. Asked for who bought last year and if they were satisfied – everyone was very satisfied! 
  • State Fair Parking- Made $17,000 profit last year plus money to student accounts. Signups go online next week. 
  • Cookbook fundraiser- (Jami Summers) We will be doing our first Cookbook fundraiser this fall. Aiming for sales along with Fruit and nut so can be delivered for Christmas. 
  • PNC- Events will start in November. Will need 3-4 people per shift, and must be 18 or older. 
  • Booster openings- Still looking for: Co-chair for Lemonade stand, Co-chair for Fruit and Nut, Co-Chair for Sponsorships, Chair for Let’s Eat, First Aid, Jag Club Liaison (Jami Summers volunteered) , Grants and PTSA rep. 
ADAF- (JoMarie Holtshouser) We are the nonprofit arm of Band Boosters. We purchase supplies, get sponsorships and grants. There are forms on the website for sponsorships. 25% of amount of sponsorship will go into your account if you find a sponsor.

Philadelphia Parade Trip- (Richard Spalding) This parade will be the largest public performance we’ve ever done! Brief over view of the planned trip: Leave Tuesday Nov 25th at midnight, arrive Philly 8am. Oregon Diner for Breakfast. Visit Penitentiary, Waterfront with lunch cruise on Spirit of Philadelphia. Independence Park- Independence Hall and Liberty Bell. Check into Marriot Downtown. Dinner at Hotel. Thursday- Parade in am. It is the oldest parade in the United States. Attended by 600,000 people and watched on TV by 12 million people. Parade is 8-12 and we are 1 of 20 bands, and the only one from North Carolina. After parade, Good and Plenty Pennsylvania Dutch restaurant for Thanksgiving Dinner. Then check into our hotel that is near Hershey. Then to the “Sweet Lights” drive through light display. Friday- tour Chocolate World then head home. Will stop at Gettysburg Park and drive through the Battlefield. Arrival back at Athens around 10pm. Total student cost will be $390 with $130 due Sept 5th. Families traveling with group can book at the Marriot for $104 a night. They will need to purchase separately tickets for most events. Chaperones cost will be $240 and there will be 16 needed. Deb Alvord let us know that the Embassy Suites downtown is the only hotel on the parade route and you can book rooms with a view of the parade. 

Uniforms- Most of the uniforms have been fitted and fixed. There are a few items being repaired and a handful of students who still need to be fitted for a uniform. A number of uniforms still out and need to be returned. There is still a lot left to do. All has to be done by 9 to 9 rehearsal on Sept. 20th.

Director’s report- Band Camp was great! This is the brightest group we’ve ever had. We got so much done at Camp while still having fun. Leadership was awesome! Our first football game is next Friday the 22nd. He will send out specific info before that. We will be playing at the State Convention again this fall. This will be the 3rd time in 9 years. Last time we were the only High School band to play. This time Green Hope will be going also.

Meeting ended at 9:30pm
Next Meeting 9/11/14 ADHS Bandroom