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Urgent Note From School Nurse

posted Jul 25, 2018, 9:48 PM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Jul 25, 2018, 9:49 PM ]
I do not have the FIELD TRIP FORMS for the following. I am attaching a blank form. This form only needs to be to me ASAP. Scanned , emailed, and fax copies are fine. If parent drops them off , please tell them to bring them to Student Services, not the front office. Fax number for me is 919-670-4457
There may be other forms for these students that were turned in, but the field trip forms THAT ARE REQUIRED are missing.

Carter Beacham
Emily Berry
Agnes Blath
Mitchell Brackett
Emily Brockmole
Alyssa Cain
Daniel Carter
Andy Chiavacci
Kiara Collley -- parent did not complete any information on the back page of the Field trip consent form
Parker Dingman
Elaine Finsel
Savannah Flowers
Makayla Gamble
Jordan Groth
Skylar Harvey
Grace Herring
Mary Elise Lindsay
Katie Little
Nicki Lyles
Kaylen McClafferty
Madison-Milan mcDowell
Heather Meza
Matthew Parker
Marley Polit Shearin-- second page of field trip form missing
Robert Ponson
Fran Prohens Gidi
Allison Starling
Savannah Strickland
Brian Suh
Bailey Van Wormer
Celeste Vargas Paniagua
Lauryn Walker
Jordan Walker
Kaitlyn Worden
Patrick Worden
Cheyenne Workman
Sofie Yingling

Barbara Horton, RN, BSN

School-Based Public Health Nurse