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Uniform Committee - Bib Hemming and Check Shoe Fit

posted Aug 9, 2016, 6:42 AM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Aug 9, 2016, 6:42 AM ]

What an exciting start to pre-camp, camp and post-camp!  The students are doing an excellent job learning a lot and we're having fun getting to know them better.  We have such an awesome group of students and parents (and of course Doc and the staff!) in our ADHS Band program!!!  


The majority of uniform fittings are complete!  A huge thank you to the many volunteers who helped make everything run smoothly!  Over the next few days we will be sending home the bibs that need to be hemmed, or that have ripped seams that need to be repaired. Please look at the instruction sheet attached to the garment bag so you'll know what to do.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!  


A couple of quick notes: 

  • The hemming must be sewn BY HAND using black thread. Please do not use a sewing machine and do NOT cut any fabric off!
  • Since most don't have shoes at home yet, the best way to make sure you have the perfect hem height is to have the student put the bibs on and zip them up.
  • Pin them so the very bottom edge of the hem barely touches the floor in the back.  (Although some are already pinned, we would ask that you please double check them for us!)
  • Pin the fabric in front the same amount as the back. 
  • Even the bibs that have snaps need to be hemmed or the snaps pull right out when the kids put their feet into their pant legs! 
  • When ironing the seam after hemming is complete, use a pressing sheet (a cotton pillowcase works great) so that the iron doesn't leave a shine on the black fabric. 
  • If seam repair is needed, please use a sewing machine.  If you do not have one, see if you have a friend, neighbor or tailor that could fix it for you.  We definitely want the seams reinforced by machine to avoid future ripping! 

We are pulling jackets that need sleeve hem adjustments and buttons sewn on.  If there are any of you that could help with those, let us know.  It would certainly help lighten the load to have numerous people willing to help. We will be having our sewing party next week 8/16, 8/17 and 8/18 6:30 - 10 pm, let us know if you can make any night, reply to at  uniforms@athensdriveband.com


The repairs and hemming need to be completed and the uniforms returned to the school by Thursday, August 25th.  They need to be hung on a rack NOT put back in the cabinets, so they can be checked by a uniform volunteer.


If you don't get a uniform home by Thursday of this week, you don't have to hem or repair bibs!


  • CHECK FIT:  Many previous marchers needed to “check” the fit of their marching shoes.  Shoes will be ordered the week following band camp, so if you need new shoes and didn’t tell us during fittings let us know ASAP!  New marchers were sized during fittings this week - we will order new ones ($45 – charged to your band account) or used ones are available in limited sizes for $10.
  • A separate shoe order after our original order will result in you paying a higher cost for the shoes due to the shipping costs. 

Thank you for taking care of this promptly.  Please make sure all instructions are followed in this email and on the instruction sheet sent home on the uniform bag.  Please contact us with any questions!!!

We’re beginning to look very uniform! 

Questions? Please email Uniform Committee directly at uniforms@athensdriveband.com


ADHS Marching Band Uniform Committee Co-Chairs

Wendy Russell, Sherry Skinner, and Allison Lyles.