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Uniform Cleaning Instructions

posted Sep 25, 2016, 11:10 AM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Sep 25, 2016, 11:11 AM ]
One hot performance and now it is time for the uniforms to be cleaned! We want to make sure we keep the uniforms looking (and smelling!) great! It's very simple and needs to be done prior to Friday's football game! 

Parents - if you haven't seen the uniform bags yet, please ask your student. A few snuck by us (although we're not sure how!!!) and their uniforms are still hanging on the racks outside the band room. If the uniform is not at home - please make sure it comes home on Monday and returned clean by Wednesday. 

Gloves, collars, socks and bibs can (and should) be laundered often.
GLOVES - Wash in any white load. They can be sprayed or treated with a small amount of oxyclean or dishwashing liquid (a great degreaser for those of you who play a brass instrument) prior to washing, but please do NOT use bleach! Lay out to dry - do no dry in your dryer.
Collars - Collars can be unsnapped and washed with gloves in any white load. They can be sprayed or treated with a small amount of oxyclean prior to washing, but please do NOT use bleach! Lay out to dry - do not dry in your dryer.
Jackets - Air out the jacket and the garment bag while washing the other pieces.  Do NOT wash or clean - we dry clean them once per year.
Bibs - Zip, make sure pockets are empty and wash in any dark load (not with towels!).  They can be line dried or dried in the dryer (take them out immediately so they don't wrinkle).
Black socks - Provided by students - wash regularly at home. 
Shoes - Wipe with damp cloth (or ArmorAll wipes if you have them).
REPAIRS (buttons, ripped bibs, etc.):  If you notice anything that might need our attention when you are cleaning your uniform, please email us or tell us directly immediately. We want to make all repairs in advance of the football game on Friday so we are not scrambling at the last minute! 

Questions? Please email Uniform Committee directly at uniforms@athensdriveband.com 
Many thanks.
ADHS Marching Band Uniform Committee Co-Chairs
Wendy Russell, Sherry Skinner, and Allison Lyles