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posted Aug 21, 2016, 10:23 PM by Athens Drive High School Band
Grab your calendar and get ready to boost your band account - State Fair Parking & Big Al’s BBQ sign ups are coming early Sept! 
The 2016 State Fair runs from Oct 13-26, 2016 & two critical fundraisers welcome your participation. These are two of our most popular and most lucrative fundraisers for the band and for your band account! 


State Fair Parking at Gregory Poole earns the band around $20,000 each year in 11 days, including $30 per 5 hour shift for your band account on weekdays and $40 per 5 hour shift on Friday nights and weekends. In addition, you earn a service credit worth $35 for every shift worked counting toward your 5 required service credits per family. 


Big Als BBQ earns you $9 per hour ($7 per hour for students working with an adult), free entry into the fair, a free Big Als Tee-shirt plus a delicious free bbq meal! $1 per hour goes to the band’s general fund. (Please note - there are no service credits for working Big Als.) 


Note: This year, football games and competitions occur on both State Fair Weekends. Please consider skipping one football game or one competition for the financial good of the band. If each family makes the commitment to give up a little, the entire band gains a great deal in return. 


Both events are significant fundraisers and we need to fill shifts. Current band parents will have 1 week to sign up before the remaining shifts will be released to band alumni or other Athens’ groups for their fundraising.


State Fair Parking will be available for signup on SATURDAY Sept 10, 2016  (1pm EST). Event details can be found here: 2016 State Fair Parking
Big Al's State Fair will be available on MONDAY Sept 12, 2016 (1 PM EST). Event details can be found here: 2016 Big Als - State Fair


Plan to sign up for your shifts early...before the prime spots are taken.
Thanks for your support of our band!

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