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Reminder: State Fair Parking Fundraiser Sign-up coming soon

posted Sep 5, 2016, 6:01 PM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Sep 5, 2016, 6:01 PM ]
As a follow-up to the email sent on August 21 re: State fair parking and Big Al’s fundraisers, NC State Fair Parking Fundraiser sign-up will open on Saturday, September 10th, at 1 pm.


It is essential that all shifts are covered so please be certain you can cover a shift before signing up. 
Please Note - Volunteers must be 18 or older.

Shift times are as follows:
5–10 pm
Signup info:
This year, football games and competitions occur on both State Fair weekends. Please consider skipping one football game or one competition for the financial good of the band. If each family makes the commitment to give up a little, the entire band gains a great deal in return. 
To ensure that all shifts get filled,  current band parents will have 1 week to sign up, after which signups will open to band alumni or other Athens’ groups for their fundraising. During the sign up week in order to give all families an opportunity to signup, Saturday - Tuesday there will be a 5 shift limit per family.  Beginning Wednesday – Saturday,  families can sign-up for as many shift as they like. Beginning Sunday, September 18,  any remaining openings will be opened to band alumni or other Athens’ groups for their fundraising.
To Sign up:
click on the orange Volunteer signup button
userid: booster
password: lincoln07

Description of shifts: 
Morning and afternoon shifts Monday through Friday volunteers monitor and control traffic at parking lot entrances. Bring a chair, book and snacks if you like.
Weeknights and weekends volunteers sell parking at the lots. – duties include attracting fairgoers into the parking lots, collecting money, monitoring the parking lots, and keeping the lots clean by picking up trash throughout your shift.   


Payment and Service credits:
Weekdays - $30 per 5 hour shift
Friday nights and weekends $40 per 5 hour shift
In addition, you earn a service credit worth $35 for each shift worked counting toward your 5 required service credits per family. All to your band account


During each shift there is an assigned "Floater".  The "Floater" is the point of contact for the shift, so experience working at the State Fair parking fundraiser is required for this position.


Thank you for supporting one of Athens Band’s most profitable fundraisers!  

Questions or replies?  Please contact statefairparking@athensdriveband.com 
Keli Lloyd,  Susan Brittain, Richard and Aleece Spalding