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Final Competition--Help Needed

posted Oct 28, 2018, 3:56 PM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Oct 28, 2018, 3:57 PM ]
Dear Amazing Band Parents,
YOU are AMAZING! What a show of support from ALL the parents who helped on Pit Crew and Props for our double header! It is so wonderful to see us all come together to make great things happen for our students! With such support, the students can concentrate on performing while we take care of the rest!

We are getting ready to play the "18th Hole" with our upcoming competition at Cary Band Day. Please click on the sign up below to see what you can help with. Let's finish strong and show that "green" band that we have the most supportive parents in town! 

Special thanks to our VP of Operations Mark Michaud, Co-Chair of Pit Crew Rich Swirski, Troy Wregglesworth, Ross Tabachow, Greg Cowan & John Chiavacci for going bell to bell with all things band! These Dads worked from 9:30am Saturday to 3:30am Sunday!
Also giant shout out to all on Pit Crew and Props:   Larry Moore, Wregglesworth Family, Cowan Family, Patterson Family, Van Wormer Family, Major Family, Blanchard Family, Schroedl Family, Dolan Family, Aurelia Altman, John Purvis, Liz Workman, John Woodhouse, Matt Berry, Janice Broniak, Tyrone Williamson Sr. and *Tom Luzzi who helped even with broken ribs!
Please forgive me if I forgot to mention anyone :) Can't wait to do it all again this coming Saturday!

With our sincere gratitude,
Suzanne & Dee
Co-Chairs, Props Committee
Athens Drive Band