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Final Band Camp Update!

posted Aug 5, 2016, 7:22 AM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Aug 5, 2016, 7:22 AM ]
I am almost as excited as Doc for all of you to come to Wesleyan tonight to see first hand what this band has accomplished in a little more than 5 days. The students are indeed remarkable and they even have a surprise or two for you! Thursday was a normal day with regard to practice, and then after an evening rehearsal, everyone went to the Dunn Center to watch a movie. There was one unfortunate occurrence around 3:00am this morning. A faulty fire alarm sensor in the male dorm went off and we all had to evacuate until the cause could be found. But it was just a bad sensor-no fire, so after about 15 minutes, we all went back to sleep!  

This morning Wes Parker has his famous "March Off" which is incredibly fun to watch! If I get time, I will send another update later this morning to let you know who won. We will also be watching the performance of another band from Elizabeth City, NC later this morning. They have been conducting their camp here this week along with Athens.

This afternoon, it's a dress rehearsal for tonight, followed by packing up, eating dinner, and finally the BIG SHOW at 7pm! See you all tonight. Your student may have a bit of an odor to them, but they still love you! Thanks for putting up with my updates all this week. Obviously I believe in this program, or I wouldn't spend a week's vacation down here despite not having a kid in the band anymore. The students are great, the instructors are great, the parents are great, the Director is great, and the folks here at Wesleyan bend over backwards to make sure we have everything we need. It is truly a special week!

Respectfully submitted,


(Note from Moderator - once again apologies for duplicate e-mails throughout the night - suffice to say we are well versed in the events of Band Camp - Day 4. Here’s hoping this mail will get through to you all just once & without issue today. Thanks for your patience)