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Dewey's Bakery Holiday Fundraiser Store is A GO!

posted Aug 31, 2019, 7:06 AM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Aug 31, 2019, 7:07 AM ]
Exciting News!  The Athens Drive Band will be operating its first ever Dewey’s Bakery Holiday Fundraiser Store this fall!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey last spring!  Survey results were positive, and the board has given the go ahead to open our very first fundraiser store.   This is an exciting new addition to the band’s fundraising opportunities that’s sure to become a favorite. 

Dewey’s Bakery has been baking sweet and savory treats in Winston-Salem since 1930.  You may remember we added their crisp Moravian cookies, Moravian sugar cake and savory cheese straws to our Fruit and Nut sale last year.  This year, our store will feature these products and almost one hundred other items.  We’ll also be selling one of Amazon’s highest rated organic coffee brands Jo Coffee (sample #2 for those of you who sampled at the Booster Fair) as well as several varieties of Chad’s Carolina Corn, a family owned business out of Greensboro, NC and also sampled at our Booster Fair last month.

The store will open around Veteran’s Day weekend and run through Christmas Eve.  Check your calendar, put on your great big people-pleasing band smile, and get ready to sign up for some shifts!  More information will be posted on the band website and distributed by email in the coming weeks. 
This fundraiser will pay by the hour, and high school students will be eligible to work with an adult.  It also joins PNC and State Fair Parking on the list of fundraisers eligible for earning Service Credits.  

To learn more about this new opportunity, plan to attend an informational meeting after the breakfast on the 9-9 rehearsal day September 21st.  Exact time and location will be announced soon.  

As the Dewey's folks say, let's get ready to make some "sweet dough" for the band!

Jennifer Wakeford
Chair, ADHS Band Dewey's Holiday Fundraiser Store