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Day 6 At Band Camp

posted Aug 3, 2019, 7:41 AM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Aug 3, 2019, 7:41 AM ]
It’s a wrap! The end of Band Camp and the first “last” for our Seniors! As always it was an emotional end to a week filled to the brim with effort, resilience, results & lots of fun! 

Friday was as busy as ever, with the added task of packing…..of course the battery packed quicker than everyone else! Our Operations Team had to “break down” the camp and "load up" ready for home and they worked tirelessly to do so - thanks to all.

The “Weather the Weather” today began promising with a perfect sunny day for rehearsals, the last few hours of which the band were together where they really showcased their week’s hard work. However, the weather decided it was time for a change (today of all days!) - the clouds moved in and it literally “did rain on our parade” 

Nothing could dampen the spirits of ADMHS band or the finale of the week, and whilst it was disappointing to miss out on the field presentation, the indoor performance was outstanding.  We hope you all enjoyed listening to the pre-game set plus parts of our 2019 “Weather the Weather” show. Even without the movement, it was totally evident just how much heart & soul these students have put in to getting to this point….just wait until you see them on the field! 

This camp simply could not happen without an army of band staff and volunteers - far too many to mention, but thank you to all. We must give a HUGE shout out to our Co-Presidents,  Suella Berry & Michelle Major, who have worked constantly before, during & will continue to do so after camp. Please show them your appreciation when you next see them.

….& of course there’s Doc! The energy, the positivity, the respect … the list could go on & on, but THANK YOU! We all appreciate every single thing you do and every second you dedicate to this program. We love you Doc!

Next stop - post-camp practices…well after some rest!

To end the week of “Band Camp Reporting”, I would like to leave you with some revised lyrics for one of the pieces from the show, “Summertime” (Composed by George Gershwin with Lyrics by DuBose Heyward & Ira Gershwin).

“Summertime, and the music is easy
Guard are jumpin' and the rifle is high
Oh, the sounds are rich and the battery’s hard workin’ 
So hush, little campers, say goodbye”

Here’s the link to today’s photos (thanks SmugMug Team!)