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BBQ News

posted Oct 9, 2017, 6:44 AM by Athens Drive High School Band
A huge CONGRATULATIONS to our award-winning marching band! What an amazing performance our teenagers put on Saturday night. I got chills. They worked as a team to achieve great things and so did we - our Fall BBQ was a success!

We would like to thank everyone who helped make this BBQ run smoothly throughout the entire day. From Laurin Allen and Wendy Russell helping with pre-orders and delivery and our lovely Jean Burroughs guiding them along the way, to our delivery drivers who signed up and the ones who didn't but jumped right in, to our scoopers, to our bakers, to our clean-up crew, our wonderful presidents, the list really does go on. We can't thank you all enough! 

I'd like to thank Saehee Kim for her support all day! Not only did she train me to be the chair, but she supported me and everyone else that day in a big way (and made the best tea concentrate!).

How much did we sell? 923 plates! Wow!
How much did we profit? $3,773.50 goes into the general fund!

It truly was a pleasure working with you all!
Now, let's keep this positive energy going with our upcoming fundraisers - State Fair Parking (sign-up for more slots), Fruit and Nut in a couple of weeks and the Mattress Sale on November 11.

Your thankful BBQ Team
Kelly Wright & Carol Moore