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Band-Aid: Find Your Fun(d) Workshop - Tuesday, May 30 @7:30

posted May 29, 2017, 6:00 PM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated May 29, 2017, 6:01 PM ]
Have you signed up for Marching Band yet?  Want to sign-up but you're wondering how you are going to pay for it all?  No matter where you are in the sign-up process, Band-Aid is here to help! 

We encourage ALL PARENTS and STUDENTS to attend: 
Band-Aid:  Find Your Fun(d) Workshop
Tuesday, May 30 @ 7:30 – Band Room

If you can’t attend this one, plan to attend the next one:
Thursday, June 22 @7:30 – Band Room

Did you know… There are families who have NEVER written a check for band?  They utilize a combination of band fundraisers to earn money for their band account, even marching band and trips!  Want to add your name to THAT list?!?  Come to the Band-Aid Workshop!  We’ll show you how easy it can be with a little planning!

WORKSHOP GOAL:  By providing an overview of ALL band fundraising opportunities, this workshop is designed to guide you step by step through the process of: 
-  Setting fundraising goals for your family
-  Creating a customized fundraising plan designed specifically for YOUR family

This is a WORKSHOP – there’s no signing up for anything; no commitment.  The Workshop is just a way to help you think about how you want to approach fundraising for your band account.


Who should attend?  Parents and Students involved (or considering being involved) in the Athens Drive Band Program for 2017-18.  We encourage students and parents to attend together.  This workshop provides parents a terrific opportunity to work with your student to set goals, to create a plan, and to teach financial responsibility and accountability.  We all know we achieve more when we have specific goals and a plan.  Why not have goals and a plan for earning money for your band account!!

We’re on the fence about Marching Band.  Should we go?  YES!  Every student should have the opportunity to participate in Marching Band.  It teaches sooooooo many life lessons, including time management, team work, leadership, etc.  In addition, it’s a family environment filled with friends and fun.  Attending this workshop will help you understand the financial component of band and how easy it is to earn funds for your account.  

We’re worried about the finances of Marching Band and the Outback Bowl; we’re just not sure we can afford it right now.  Should we attend?  Most definitely!  Everyone who wants to participate in Marching Band CAN!!  This workshop will help you see the MANY ways to earn money for your band account and how small things added to your band account can really make a BIG difference!  With all the fundraising opportunities, everyone can make band work financially!  It just takes a little plan!  Every family’s situation is unique and students will NOT be denied participation for financial reasons.  In addition, Financial Aid is available for students who demonstrate need (financial aid forms and applications are due June 15). 

Does attending the workshop commit us to anything?  NO!  Each fundraiser has its own sign up and way to participate – you will NOT sign up to participate in fundraisers at this workshop.  This workshop will give you ideas about which fundraisers you do (and maybe some you don’t) want to utilize.  In the workshop, you’ll set a family goal and create a plan.  These are for YOUR USE ONLY!  It’s not a commitment to anything but yourself and your family!  Unless you show them, no one else will ever even see it!

Do Fundriaser Chairs need to prepare anything?  Nope!  Thanks so much for all that you do to make sure these fundraisers run smoothly and provide our families great opportunities to earn money for their accounts.  We can’t do it without you!!!  Since this is a general overview, we’ve got what we need to prepare the workshop and we encourage you to attend and create your own plan!

We can pay for our band account without the use of fundraisers.  Should we come?  YES!  Since many fundraisers contribute to the general fund, participation in fundraisers is CRITICAL to the overall success of the program.  Come see why and how fundraiser participation benefits the program as a whole and everyone in the program!  

The workshop takes a little over an hour and we promise, you won’t regret it! 

Give your band account a Band-Aid and Find YOUR Fun(d)!

Susan, Suzanne and Michaele