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A Carwash Story

posted Apr 7, 2019, 6:25 PM by Athens Drive High School Band   [ updated Apr 7, 2019, 6:25 PM ]
Once upon a time...

Joe Banddad had a very dirty car!  Between dirt from the kids' shoes, hair from the dog, sand from the beach trip, and pollen from EVERYWHERE, his car was unrecognizable.  So, Joe took his car to one of the two Carolina Auto Spa locations for a $24 Deluxe Wash.  
When the wash was done, Joe's car looked great INSIDE and OUT!  

But ALAS, this tale does not have an entirely happy ending.  Joe forgot to buy a car wash certificate from the Band Boosters before he went! 
If only he'd done that, $8 of that car wash would have gone back to his band account!  Joe won't make that mistake again, and next time Joe, his family, and his car will live happily ever after  :)

Why buy Carolina Auto Spa gift certificates?

...$8 discount is credited to your band account for each one you buy or sell
...sell them to friends and neighbors any time of year for a continuous fundraiser
...kid dirt
...dog hair
...beach sand (Spring Break is coming!)
...get the car clean for prom
...Mother's Day
...Father's Day
...Graduation gifts
...Teacher gifts
...Yikes! the in-laws are coming!
...stock up for summer!
...your car will love you for it!
...your car wasn't yellow when you bought it, was it?

Don't make the same mistake Joe did!  Get your car wash certificates before you go!  Get yours at the band booster meeting this Tuesday, April 9th at 7:30pm.  You'll also be able to get grocery cards, hear about new fundraiser ideas and all the latest news from Doc, and enjoy the company of other band parents. It's the place to be!

Car wash certificates must be paid for with check or cash (exact amount, please).  They cannot be billed to your account.

See you at the meeting!
Jennifer Wakeford
Car Wash Committee