Director: Dr. Jerry Markoch


Concert Band (Band I & II)

Symphonic Band (Band III & IV)

Wind Ensemble (Band IIIADV & IVADV)


Course Descriptions

Concert Band (Band I/II)
 is open to all students who have successfully completed at least one year of middle school band.  Students who do not meet this criterion should contact the band director to arrange an audition.  It is expected that participants are enrolled in the course for the entire year, that they are serious about music, and that they will practice as needed outside of class in order to perform successfully.  The Concert Band meets every day for one period (block) and performs several concerts throughout the year.

Symphonic Band (Band III/IV) is the intermediate level band class at Athens Drive, with membership granted by director approval only.  It is expected that participants are enrolled in the course for the entire year, that they are serious about music, and that they will practice as needed outside of class in order to perform successfully.  The Symphonic Band performs a wide variety of literature, from relatively simple standards to works for advanced high school groups.  The Symphonic Band rehearses every day for one period (block) and performs several concerts throughout the year including State Festival in March and Graduation in June. 

Wind Ensemble (Band IIIAdv/IVAdv) is the most advanced band class at Athens Drive, with membership granted by audition only.  It is expected that participants are enrolled in the course for the entire year, that they are serious about music, and that they will practice as needed outside of class in order to perform successfully.  Students enrolled in this course are encouraged to study privately throughout the year and audition for regional honor bands.  The Wind Ensemble performs a wide variety of literature, from relatively simple standards to works for collegiate ensembles.  The Wind Ensemble rehearses every day for one period (block) and performs several concerts throughout the year including State Festival in March and Graduation in June.


Each student will be provided music and instructional books.  It is the students’ responsibility to provide instruments in good condition and accessories such as reeds, oil and mutes.  Members are also expected to purchase concert attire; please see the section entitled “Concert Uniform”.

Students who will be using a school-owned instrument on a regular basis (percussion, tubas, baritones, etc.) will be assessed a $90 usage fee for the school year or $45 for one semester (this is in addition to the “fair-share” fee described below).  The entire fee is due by the end of 1st quarter and helps defray the cost of regular maintenance on these instruments (e.g., new drum heads, chemical cleaning of brass instruments, replacing pads on woodwind instruments).  Students using these instruments are expected to perform regular maintenance (swab, oil) and store/transport these instruments carefully.  Students will be charged extra for unreturned materials and repair/replacement of equipment due to neglect or damage.

At the beginning of the school year, students will complete forms releasing the school district from responsibility for securing personal property (individually owned instruments) as well as forms detailing students’ responsibility for securing/maintaining school-owned equipment.

Fair-Share Assessment

In order to cover the expenses necessary to operate a fine concert program, each student is required to contribute a $110 “fair share assessment” for each year of participation or $55 for just one semester ($140 for the year or $70 for just one semester for Wind Ensemble students).  The assessment covers the cost of music (including rental fee for band copier), acquisition of school-owned instruments, stipend for guest instructors/clinicians, supplies such as auxiliary percussion, tuners, mutes, special mouthpieces, ligatures, etc.  We receive NO FUNDING from WCPSS for these needs.

The assessment can be paid in two ways:  1) remit the entire amount by end of 1st quarter;  or 2) remit the one semester fee (above) by end of 1st quarter and the remainder by end of 3rd quarter.  Checks should be made payable to “ADHS Band Boosters.”  If
 you have worked band fund-raising events and have credit in your band account, you may also email our booster treasurer at to authorize the deduction of this expense from your band account. 

Grading Rubric/Contract

Grades are determined by the number of points earned for a variety of criteria such as attendance, quality of participation, written assignments, and practice/performance outside of class.  At the conclusion of each quarter, students will complete a “Grading Rubric/Contract” which lists the criteria and point values.  Students will be given a copy of the contract at the beginning of the school year in order for them to get an idea of what will be expected. A copy of the Grading Rubric can be found on our website under the Forms tab.

A weekly grade will also be submitted by each student and posted on electronic grade book based on criteria of attendance and quality of participation.  Please note that this grade only provides a general idea of how the student is progressing.  For more specific information, please contact the director.   

Playing Proficiencies (“Check-ups”)

Playing proficiencies (“check-ups”) will be scheduled at least one time per semester.  The purpose of the check-ups will be to assess progress, provide individualized assistance with music, and offer advice concerning musical opportunities.  Students will be expected to be prepared; results of check-ups will influence chair placements and future leadership positions.

Honors Credit

Honors credit is given to all students enrolled in Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble.  Students in these classes will be expected to perform at least ONE of the following requirements in addition to their regular course work of written assignments, performance check-ups, dress rehearsals and concerts.  Students who do not fulfill these requirements will receive a lower grade.

Symphonic Band
  • Practice at least 1.5 hours per week.  Practice is defined as focused playing away from the presence of a music staff member.  Students will submit a practice log indicating time and practice material at the conclusion of each quarter. 

Wind Ensemble
  • Audition for the Central District Honor Band in January.  (This is usually at an area high school the second or third Saturday of January.)  Students are to have their performance material well prepared.  They will be expected to perform for the band director prior to the audition.  Students who make the honor band will perform later in January/early February at a local school.
  • Audition for the UNCG Honor Band in January.  (This will be by CD.)  Students are to have their performance material well prepared.  They will be expected to perform for the band director prior to the audition or submit a copy of their CD.  Students who make the honor band will perform at UNCG usually the 3rd weekend of February.
  • Take at least 8 private lessons on their class instrument during the course of the year.  A letter must be acquired from the private instructor indicating that satisfactory progress has been made.
  • Participate in an auditioned group that rehearses throughout at least one semester (e.g., TYP, TYS, TYBB).  This includes the “Pit Orchestra” in the school musical.

The director will consider substitution requests for the assignments listed above on a case by case basis.  Requests must be submitted in writing and approved by the director before a student is permitted to make the substitution.

Concert Uniform

Concert Band
  • Boys – black shoes, black socks, black dress pants, white button-down shirt. We will LOAN each boy a uniform tie. The tie will be distributed before each concert and collected immediately afterwards.
  • Girls – black closed-toe shoes, black pants or skirt, white blouse.  All hems and slits must be below the knee when sitting, shoulders must be covered, and only small jewelry may be worn.

Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble
  • Boys – black shoes, black socks, black dress pants, white tux shirt, black cummerbund and bow tie.  A black concert jacket will be provided by the school for Wind Ensemble students only. 
For your convenience, a representative from a local formalwear shop will be visiting our school during the first few weeks of school to measure the students for the tux shirt, cummerbund, and bow tie. The total cost of these items is approximately $40 and is due upon receipt (early October). 
  • Girls – uniform black dress, black closed-toe shoes, small jewelry.  Wind Ensemble students will be provided special jewelry. 
For your convenience, new members will be measured for a uniform black dress during the first 3 weeks of school. The cost of the dress is approximately $65 and is due upon receipt (early October). 

Students will be inspected before each concert begins for proper attire.  Students who are not dressed appropriately may be denied permission to perform with grade deduction.

Concert Schedule

A complete concert schedule will be distributed to the students during the first week of class.  It is very important that each family examine the schedule carefully for any serious conflicts and, if necessary, notify the director ASAP if such a conflict exists.  Due to the “team-like” nature of our ensembles, the absence of a single member can have a significant adverse effect on the quality of performance.  It may be best to think of the schedule as a “contract” between your family and the school:   You and your child agree to attend all dress rehearsals/performances, and the school agrees to avoid making any changes to the schedule without proper and timely notification.

A copy of our Concert Schedule is available on our "Schedules" page by clicking on the "Concert Schedule" option.


Class Ensemble participants need to complete the forms located on our "Forms" page under the "Class Forms" header.

Final Thoughts

We are very fortunate to offer these concert ensembles at Athens Drive.  As each is considered an “elective” and operates as a “team,” students who repeatedly break course policy (making it more difficult for others to learn) will be dismissed.  Thank you—in advance—for your support and enthusiasm. 

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