Marching Band Fair Share Obligation

Fair Share Assessment

Since the marching band receives NO FUNDING from WCPSS, it is necessary to assess a “fair share obligation” for participating in the marching band. In order to cover the cost of band camp, instruments, extra staffing, music, charting, equipment, charter transportation, and other service needs, each student is assessed the following:

1) a non-refundable registration fee of $100

2) a financial commitment of $975 ($775 for color guard)

3) a service commitment of working 5 paid fundraising shifts per family (equal to approximately $175, or approximately $35 per shift). 

Here’s the good news: fulfilling each service commitment not only meets the service commitment obligation, but also earns money that goes directly toward the student’s band account; i.e., by fulfilling the service commitment, families will reduce their financial commitment to $850 or less. Families can continue to earn money toward their financial commitment by working at fundraising venues and participating in our sales-based fundraisers to partially or fully offset the entire amount. Families may also “pay” the entire financial commitment and service commitment out-of-pocket.

The service commitment is easy to fulfill provided the student and family are willing to participate in one or more of the following concession fund raisers: 1) Durham Bulls; 2) PNC Arena or 3) State Fair Parking. Working a combination of 5 shifts at any of these venues will fulfill your required service commitment AND earn money toward your financial commitment.

The fair-share assessment covers all program costs including band camp, transportation to performance venues, uniform/instrument/equipment loan, instruction, music, and choreography. Every attempt is made to limit additional expenses. 

We are requesting that the financial assessment be paid using the payment schedule below. Of course, any money earned through any fundraising event in addition to the 5 paid service commitments will lower these amounts.

Students/families owing a balance on their band account from the previous year must pay the balance in full by June 1st in order to enroll for the upcoming year. Families with demonstrated financial need may apply for financial aid in meeting their unpaid balance.

Marching Band Payment Schedule
  • $100   due with Registration Form 
  • $500   due prior to band camp 
  • $125   due September 1 ($75 for color guard)
  • $125   due October 1     ($75 for color guard)
  • $125   due November 1  ($75 for color guard)
  • $100   due December 1  ($50 for color guard)
NOTE:  All wind and percussion students are required to purchase their marching shoes at an approximate cost of $45.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available through the booster organization for students who demonstrate need. No student should be discouraged to join due to the financial obligation; we will assist every family willing to contribute their “fair share.”  Financial aid information and forms are available on the "Forms" page or by contacting Dr. Markoch, any Co-Treasurer or any Co-President. 

Families with Two or More Children in Marching Band

Families with two or more children in the marching band program will be assessed $975 for the first child and 20% less for each additional child plus a $100 non-refundable registration fee for the first child and $80 for each additional child. If one child plays a wind/percussion instrument and another child is a member of the guard, the 20% discount will be taken from the guard assessment.

Payment Information

Make checks payable to ADHS Band Boosters
Credit Card payments accepted online via PayPal
Intuit (IPN) payments accepted online

Online Payments:

See Payments page under the Online Services tab in the left hand sidebar.

Checks can be mailed to: 

ADHS Band Boosters
PO Box 293
Cary NC 27512-0293