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The Athens Drive Band Boosters Sponsor Program


The Athens Drive Band Boosters Sponsor Program offers sponsorship opportunities to businesses and individuals.  Sponsorships range from our "Friend" level at $100.00 to our "Eyes With Pride Partner" level at $1,500.00+.  Sponsors receive increasing levels of recognition based upon their chosen sponsorship level.  A list of sponsorship levels and associated recognition is available in the "Sponsorship Packet" below.  

Band Booster Families Receive a Band Account Credit of 25% of the Sponsorship Value Secured By that Family 

In addition to securing funds to maintain and grow our  band program, obtaining a sponsorship can add money to your student's band account. For every sponsor you bring in, your student's band account gets credited 25% of the sponsored amount. To earn the 25% credit, you are responsible for ensuring all information requested on the Sponsor Information Form (including a submission of a vector based logo) is complete. Once all information is available and payment has been made, you account will be credited.

To assist in collection of all needed information, we have provided an online submission version of the Sponsor Information Form that allows the sponsor to complete their information online, including attaching their logo file(s) and (in the near future) paying online.  This version is available for convenience.  Sponsors can still choose to fill out the hardcopy provided in the packet and mail, along with payment, to the address provided.  Please note:  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you provide your contact information at the bottom of the Sponsor Information Form. Having this information provides the potential sponsor a contact for questions and provides our sponsor program with information necessary to credit your account.

Please remember that care must be taken to avoid repeated solicitations of businesses and a professional approach must be used. This is a great opportunity to help the Band with fundraising, growing our image in the community, and to pay into Band Accounts.

To help prevent repeated solicitations of businesses, please view our Sponsor Contact List before contacting a business. If no one is currently listed for a company you wish to contact, please make an entry in the file to let others know of your intentions.

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