coordinator:  John Chiavacci, Brenda Gerken and Ada Martinez-Dolan

The PNC Arena fundraiser is year-round, but our busiest times are September through June.  We have assigned Dip-n-Dots and Ice Cream carts at the PNC Arena at all Carolina Hurricanes games and NCSU Basketball games. We work other special events and often pick up additional carts, like Pretzels or more Dip-n-Dots, when available. Workers must be 18 years of age. Students are not allowed to work this venue unless they are 18 years old and working with their parent.
Doors open one hour before event start times. Leads are required to show up 45 minutes prior to the doors opening and Workers to show up 30 minutes prior to the doors opening. Leads are responsible for the paperwork and the money. Each cart has a Lead. Inventory is taken before and after each event. There are PNC floor managers who will help our group leaders if needed.

Cancellation Policy for Non-Stand by Spots
If you cancel within 5 business days of your shift and do not find a replacement, your band account will be charged the amount that you would have made had you worked the shift. If there is a standby, when you notify the chair of your need to cancel, they will move the standby into your spot and your account will not be charged. If there is no standby, you are responsible for finding your replacement. If you are unable to find a replacement and the chair has to find the replacement, your account will be charged. Please understand, when people do not show up for their shift or cancel at the last minute, it affects both the workers at the stand and anyone who wanted to work, but could not find a slot.

Stand By Spots
If you sign up in a Standby spot for any event at the PNC, you MUST be able to work that event.

"Standby Spots" are primarily used to fill in for people who have last minute emergencies. Therefore, if you sign up, you are on "standby" until after the scheduled event start time.

Additional carts sometimes become available, and if possible we try to pick one up to staff. Standby spots are used to fill these additional cart positions. Notifications for additional carts are usually 2 to 7 days before the event. If we need additional volunteers, we will contact you by phone and/or email to confirm as soon as we receive notification that additional workers are needed.

Cancellation Policy for Stand by Spots:  If you are signed up in a standby spot and we need you to work and you are unable to come in or find a replacement, your band account will be charged the amount that you would have made had you worked the shift.

Individual Band Account Credits

Working the PNC Arena Fundraiser credits your band account at the following level:
  • $30 for Leads and $25 for Workers


PNC approves dress code as part of the contract agreement. Dress code is strictly enforced. If PNC sends you home because you did not follow the dress code, your band account will be charged the amount you would have earned had you worked.
  • Volunteers must wear black slacks or pants, NO JEANS, NO CORDUROYS and NO CARGO PANTS and NO SPANDEX-LIKE PANTS.
  • Volunteers must wear black closed toed, rubber soled shoes. NO other color can be on the shoes.
  • Volunteers must wear a blue polo, TUCKED IN. PNC has approved the band's current blue polo (with or without a logo). Contact to order. No other shirt is provided.
  • Volunteers must wear black hat. Your band account will be charged $2.00 for the hat the first time you work. You will keep that hat and use it for future PNC events. NO other hat may be worn.
  • Volunteers must wear an ADHS apron. This apron is provided for your use at each event.
  • Volunteers may wear a short-sleeved white or black shirt underneath their blue polo.
  • If cold natured, a black long sleeve shirt worn underneath your blue polo is permitted.

Parking and Sign In (Chair will send detailed instructions prior to each event)
  1. Park in Lot C (off Trinity Road) - tell attendant you are working with the Athens Drive Band (see parking map link at bottom of this page)
  2. Walk or ride cart to North Entrance (see parking map link at bottom of this page)
  3. Check in at doors (see PNC Mezzanine map link at bottom of this page)
  4. Go to locker for hat/apron and to leave coats, bags, etc.
  5. Once you are 100% ready to work, go around the corner to the right for volunteer sign in (3 ring binder with sign in sheet) - if leader, pick up tags
  6. Workers proceed to the stand (via the stairs)
  7. Leaders go downstairs  for clipboard and cash before proceeding upstairs.  When you are transporting cash, you must use elevators.

Cell Phones
  • Cell phones must stay on vibrate, and are allowed out in view only by the Lead and only to verify staff or to contact a PNC manager until the doors open.
  • After the doors are open, cell phones are not allowed by anyone in any area of the PNC Arena except the Mezzanine Level and, in an emergency, a bathroom stall on any other level.
  • If your family must reach you in an emergency, have them call PNC Security at 919-861-2345.

B.A.R.S Training
  • B.A.R.S Training is NO LONGER REQUIRED for our group as cart sales do not require this training. The training is available if you would like to attend. Please contact chairperson for training dates.

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