(Formerly Carolina RailHawks)

coordinators:  Melanie Edwards and Melissa Swirski

During the soccer season of March – October (may run into December) we provide fill-in staff for concessions at the North Carolina FC stadium. Beginning in spring of 2017 we will be staffing North Carolina FC games, as well as the new Women’s North Carolina Courage games.  On occasion we may also staff other events at the stadium depending on concession needs.

Individual Band Account Credits

All money earned goes to individual student band account(s); however, working this venue does not count toward service credits. NCFC games pay $20 per person per game. Other events may pay more. Events are rain or shine, but if an event is cancelled, workers are still paid the full amount as long as they signed in upon arrival. A free meal is also provided when working, and may be obtained either during a break or at the end of the shift. 

Positions and Sign Ups

Signups are done through the Volunteer Signups system. There are no stand leaders, and workers are not responsible for counting money or inventory. Since the positions are fill-ins, workers may be split up to work different stands, but most of the time families/friends are kept together if requested. Working as fill-ins allows the flexibility to schedule around band events and other contracted band fundraisers, and we have no minimum staffing requirements. However, due to the nature of fill-in work, games may sometimes be posted with short notice. When the NCFC contact indicates that they have enough volunteers, any remaining empty worker slots on the signup may be deleted without further notice.

 Volunteer Eligibility

            Please review the following prior to signing up to work the North Carolina FC fundraiser.

·         Student Slots:  Workers signed up in student slots must be at least 14 years old. Very responsible middle school students (13+) may work if parent (or adult responsible for them) is working. We are asked to provide a ratio of at least 2 adults to 3 students.

·         Adult Slots:   Workers signed up in adult slots must be at least 18 years old and no longer a student of Athens Drive High School.

·         Event Time and Arrival Time:  Most NCFC games are on Saturdays and usually run from 7:30pm – 9:30pm, and most are rain or shine. Worker report time is 5:45pm. Other events may differ in length and report times.  If so, this will be indicated on signup.

·         Alcohol Sales/Training: There are some minor alcohol sales (canned beer) at concessions. Beer carts are usually run by another group. All alcohol sales, and therefore all registers when selling alcohol, are to be run only by adults. No specific alcohol training is required, just hands-on training at the concessions.

·         Dress Code:

o    Solid plain black shirt (collared or t-shirt is fine, can be black band shirt)

o    Shorts or pants (no rips, tears, frays, or short shorts)

o    Closed toe shoes

o    Hair net or plain hat (band hat is okay). If no hat, hair net will be provided by venue. All long hair must be up.

Cancellation and Dismissal Policies

Please understand that when people do not show up for their shift or sign up in a slot they are not age eligible to work, it affects both the workers at the stand and anyone who wanted to work but could not find a slot.  Therefore, the following policies are in place:

·         Cancellation Policy:  If you find you cannot work a shift you signed up for, please contact the coordinator as soon as possible.

·         Dismissal Policy:   If you sign someone up to work in a spot for which they are not age eligible, and they are denied the opportunity to work by the fundraising venue, your account will be charged the amount that would have been made had the shift been worked.