coordinator:  Melanie Vtipil

Staples Rewards Program for the Athens Drive Band Program is used to provide paper for our band program.

To contribute to our Staples Rewards, send in your used ink cartridges and place them in the Ink Cartridge Donation box outside the ADHS Band Office. For every 10 cartridges we submit to Staples, we receive $20 in Staples Rewards.  

Another way to contribute to our Staples Rewards is to credit the Athens Drive Band Boosters account for purchases you make at Staples.  Just inform the check out clerk that you are a member of the Athens Drive Band Boosters and give them our Rewards Number #2989547704. With those two pieces of information, our Rewards account will get credited for your purchases. When our account purchase credits reach $1,000 or more, we become valued members and can submit 20 ink cartridges per month for $40 in rewards.

To sum it up, think "Cartridges & Check Out".  Now, "THAT WAS EASY!"

Thank you for supporting this program.