HARRIS TEETER VIC CARD - Together In Education

coordinator:  Zofia Pruchnik
email:  harristeeter@athensdriveband.com

Harris Teeter's Together in Education Program is an easy way to raise money for the Athens Drive Band general fund.

Every time you purchase certain Harris Teeter brand products using your VIC card, Harris Teeter will donate a percentage of those purchases to the Athens Drive Band Boosters. You can link your VIC card up to a maximum of 5 schools and Harris Teeter will evenly distribute the funds.   


VIC Card Signup and Automatic Renewal Program

No annual renewal needed! Supporting the Athens Drive Band program through the Harris Teeter VIC program can be a Once-n-Done Deal! Just signup for our "Vic Signup & Automatic Renewal List " and we will link your card for you!  We will re-link it every year unless you notify us not to. Now, THAT was EASY!

Annual Renewal

If not on our Automatic Renewal Program, VIC Card links expire at the end of August every year. Please Remember to Re-Link at that time.

You can link or re-link your card by using any of these options:
  • Link your card at your local Harris Teeter store  (school code: 2153)