Booster committees support the band in various ways. If interested in helping out, contact the committee chair. We'd love to have you join us!

    Alumni Support
  • Chair:  Jean Burroughs, Lynne Davies-Cutting, Kay Jamison, Kim Lowe, and Aleece Spalding
  • Coordinates the distribution of information about the Athens Drive High School Band Program; such as performance schedules, fundraisers, and special awards the band has received.
  • Moderates the "Athens Drive Band Alumni, Friends & Members" Facebook page.

  • Chair: Damia Tabachow
  • Communicates information to families by email.
  • Coordinates volunteers to decorate, set up, serve, and clean up.

    Bulletin Board 
  • Designs and maintains band bulletin board located in band hallway.
  • Ensures information on bulletin board is kept current.
    CD/DVD Sales
  • Chair:  David Uy and Tracey Battaglino
  • Coordinates professionals/volunteers to videotape all band concerts.

    Chaperone Support 
  • Chair:  Adrienne Williamson and Zofia Pruchnik and OPEN POSITION
  • Coordinates volunteers to chaperone marching band rehearsals, football games, and competitions.

    Class Band Liaison 
  • Chair:  OPEN POSITION 
  • Communicates to Booster Board the wants and needs of the class band only students and parents.
  • Disseminates booster information to the class band only students and parents.
  • Serves as parent contact for the class band only student and parent questions.
  • Maintains email list of the class band only students and parents.

    Concert Attire
  • Fits and orders concert attire.
  • Assists students with last-minute concert attire details on days of the performance.

    Concert Support (Hospitality)
  • Chair:  Damia Tabachow
  • Coordinates volunteers to distribute programs, monitor doors, and help backstage.
  • Coordinates refreshments for all band concerts.
  • Decorates for Fall and Holiday Concerts.


  • Chair: Tracy Battaglino, Meg Hill & Laurie Cockman 
  • Maintains Athens Drive Booster’s group e-mail lists.
  • Moderates and approves all group e-mail communications regarding band activities.
  • Maintains Sponsor listings on emails.

    Field Support
  • Chair:  Matt Berry
  • Maintains the band practice field (mow, fertilize & treat for weeds).  9-10 month responsibility.
  • Prepares a budget for and procures all supplies to maintain the field.
  • Performs routine maintenance on the lawnmower.
  • Initially lays out the field markings and stripes the field.
  • Maintains a log of time spent and what type of treatments were completed.
    First Aid 
  • Chair:  Heather Helton and Melanine Edwards
  • Maintains all Medical/Health forms.
  • Coordinates the schedule of first aid staff for Band Camp.
  • Coordinates the schedule of first aid staff for all performances (football games, competitions, and parades).
  • Maintains all band medical kits.
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    Grant Writing
  • Researches funding opportunities.
  • Writes grant proposals to support existing and planned booster activities.

    Guard Support
  • Chair:  Tricia Pannill
  • Coordinates the specific needs of the color guard and winter guard.
  • Assists with uniform fittings and repairs.
  • Assists with props, floor mat, and final preparations during competitions.
  • Assists with coordination of transportation to winter guard competitions.  

    JAG Club Representative
  • Chair:  Elizabeth Strohm
  • Attends all JAG Club meetings representing the band, and reports back to the Band Booster Board.

    Marching Band Meals and Snacks
  • Chair:  Johnny Thornton
  • Coordinates snack contributions for after school practices.
  • Coordinates donations of snacks & drinks for trips.
  • Packs and serves snacks on competition days.
  • Coordinates meals served at competitions.
    Marching Band Uniforms 
  • Chair: Shayla Michaud
  • Fits and assigns uniforms to the marching band students.
  • Orders shoes and uniform replacement parts as needed for marching band members.
  • Assists students with last-minute marching band uniform details on the days of performances.
  • Maintains the database of uniform inventory and manages cleaning at end of the season.
  • Works with the Drum Majors to select, fit, and order their uniforms.
  • Participates in practices and performances to assist with fittings, repairs, replacements, and spot cleaning.  

    Mentor Program 
  • Coordinates matching of veteran band families to new band families (winds and brass).
  • Ensures new band families have a mentor family to contact and use as a resource for band program information.
  • Provides information, through mentors, about all facets of the marching band and other band ensembles.
    PTSA Representative
  • Chair:  Tricia Pannill
  • Attends all PTSA meetings representing the band, and reports back to the Band Booster Board.

    Percussion Support
  • Chair:  Alison Bittner, Meg Hill, and Amy Thomas
  • Coordinates the specific needs of the percussion section, Winter Percussion, and spring/summer training program.
  • Coordinates chaperone schedule for rehearsals.
  • Assists with final preparations for competitions.
  • Assists with coordination of transportation to Winter Percussion competitions.

    Photo Directory
  • Chair:  Susan Uy
  • Updates database with names and addresses of band families.
  • Coordinates pictures with names of all marching band students.
  • Publishes directory to upload to the website.

    Pit Crew
  • Chair:  Richard Swirski
  • Loading/unloading instruments, equipment & uniforms at ADHS and the site of performance.
  • Assists students with getting Front Ensemble instruments, props, and Guard equipment on & off the performance field.
  • Works with the students to determine the most efficient way to set up the instruments in a timely manner. 
  • The Pit Crew's mission is to assist the students to enable them to focus on music and performances.
  • Must buy or borrow Pit Crew shirt to wear to performances when assisting on the field. 
  • A minimum of 25 people who plan on attending most competitions is needed.  Anyone interested may participate.

  • Chair:  Greg Cowan, Laurie Cockman, and Tricia Pannill
  • Construction of marching band show props for performances.

    Public Relations
  • Promote band news internally to the school via Athens Alert and phone messaging system.
  • Promote band news externally to the community using appropriate news media (newspaper, tv, radio, internet).
  • Serve as a resource to Band Booster Chairs to help promote their events internally and externally.

  • Chair:  Tricia Pannill
  • Maintains the ADHS Band Remind setup.
  • Moderates Remind groups and user lists.

    Senior Recognition
  • Chair:  Jonell Williams
  • Organizes marching band seniors and their parents on the football field for Senior Night.
  • Coordinates senior photos for JAG program booklet.

    Senior Video
  • Produces a video for Spring Banquet.
  • Video recognizes band seniors and includes photos from throughout the year.

  • Chair:  David Uy, Susan Uy, and Tom Beck
  • Maintains an online band photo gallery.
  • Takes and collects photographs of band activities.
  • Uploads select photos and videos to the online gallery.

  Social Media
  • Chair: Ashley Peay-Bettini, Meg Hill, Laurie Cockman & Alumni Members Lynne Davies-Cutting & Kim Lowe
  • Coordinates, distributes & moderates band information via Social Media, including Facebook - “Athens Drive Band Alumni, Friends & Members" Facebook page, Twitter - @athensdriveband & Instagram - athensdrivebands

    Spirit Wear

  • Works with the community to solicit sponsorships.
  • Maintains sponsorship records.
  • Fulfills sponsorship benefits.

    Student Accounts
  • Chair:  Mark Michaud
  • Oversees the maintenance of all band vehicles, including registration and inspections.
  • Coordinates the use of band vehicles to transport equipment to events.
  • Loads/Unloads instruments for competitions, football games, and other events as needed.
  • Coordinates with Pit Crew for loading and unloading at marching band performances.

  • Chair: Aisha McKenzie
  • Maintains information on the band website.
  • Develops online forms.
  • Posts group emails as appropriate to Announcements area on ADHS Band Website.