• Arrive on the practice field by 2:45pm.
  • The Field Crew will bring and unload: tables, filled water coolers, cups, trash bags, and the medical bag.
  • Set 1 water cooler at the far end of each table. Tie a garbage bag  to one of the handles of each of the end coolers for used cups.
  • Fill cups for students as they arrive. Fill cups at intervals prior to breaks.  Students generally break every 20-30 minutes.  If you listen to Doc, he will sometimes give you advanced notice of when breaks will occur.
  • Bathroom breaks:  when needed, one chaperone drives students up to the band room to use the rest rooms.
  • Chaperones attend to medical needs as necessary. 
  • At the end of practice, empty all coolers and put all unused cups back in the box.  Seal the trash bags.  The Field Crew will put all of the supplies back onto the truck.
  • **Save one filled cooler for the Guard to use for their evening practice. The guard generally practices on Wednesday evenings.
     Additional Information:
  • Chaperones bring a chair to sit in.  Your chairs may also be used for students if they are ill.
  • There is a medical bag at all practices with: bandaids, ibuprofin, etc. There are no medical personnel at practices.
  • Bring a cell phone in case you need to call parents of a sick child, or if an emergency arises.
  • There is at least 1 all-day Saturday practice each marching season.  Duties are primarily the same as above.

Chaperones must be a registered WCPSS volunteer.   Click for:   Registration Information