• Dress for the weather. 

  • Reminders will be sent out with details regarding the time to meet and other details.
  • Check in with head chaperone.
  • Chaperones ride the bus when space is available.
  • Tend to minor medical issues on bus as needed (medical chaperone will be present).
  • At the Competition: 
    • Accompany students to the restroom upon arrival.
    • Students will put on uniforms in staging area near the buses.
    • Water will be available for students by another committee and you can help with that if needed
    • Accompany students and help uniform committee as needed. 
    • Tend to minor medical issues as needed. Medical chaperone is present
    • Accompany students to stadium.
    • Watch the competition from the stadium.
    • Meet back up with band and accompany them through awards and onto the bus.
    • Snacks or lunch/dinner may be served by another committee. Help them as needed.
  • HAVE FUN!!

     Additional Information:

  • Due to limited seating on the buses, rides may or may not be available.

Chaperones must be a registered WCPSS volunteer.   Click for:   Registration Information