coordinator:  Adrienne Williamson and Zofia Pruchnik and OPEN POSITION

Band parent chaperones are needed for many events to help activities run smoothly and efficiently, and for student safety.
 Step 1:

Register to be a school volunteer at the Athens Drive library.  The process takes approximately 10 minutes.  

Click for: Registration Details

 Step 2:

Check the ADHS Band Chaperone Calendar & Sign Up

Click on the "Chaperone SignUp" Button in the upper left sidebar of this website.

 Step 3:
Review duties below for the event you are working.


Chaperone Duties:
      Home football games   Click for:  Football Game Chaperone Duties
      Competitions                Click for:  Competition Chaperone Duties
      Parades                         Click for:  Parade Chaperone Duties

      Practices                       Click for:  School Chaperone Duties


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